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Real-Life Alarm Master Applications: T/Mon NOC

Monitor Badger Gear and More via T1 and RS232 with T/Mon NOC
This solution includes the contemporary T/Mon NOC. You can use the Badger 481 Interrogator Software Module within T/Mon to collect and interpret alarms from your Badger remotes. Alarms will be collected over T1 WAN using RS232 serial and channel banks.

NEC and Larse Protocol Mediation with T/Mon NOC
This monitoring solution will provide you with the ability to mediate the alarms from your NEC and Larse equipment in an SNMP format to your central master station, or MOM (manager of managers).

Microwave Radios Monitored via RS485 Serial and LAN with T/Mon NOC
This solution will enable you to utilize your existing microwave infrastructure and provide a single source monitoring system. This is made possible by DPS Telecom, who will provide you with a P4 Protocol Software Module, which will allow for the alarm collection and remote login functions for specific alarms of the microwave radios.

Replace Form 4 Equipment with Pulse Interface Modules and T/Mon NOC
This solution replaces your Form 4 remotes and master station providing you with a contemporary, fully supported system. The first phase application will utilize T/Mon NOC monitoring the ASCII output of your Digitize master as well as the Pulse Interface modules.

Monitor Your Microwave Sites By Mediating Your Microwave Radios to T/Mon...
The P4 Protocol Software Module will allow you to collect alarms and provide remote login functions for your microwave radios. The overall goal of this application is to provide you with a single point of monitoring, the T/Mon NOC Master Station.

Use The NetGuardian DX Discrete Expansion as a Stand-Alone RTU With T/Mon and Gain 48 Discrete Points...
In this application, the NetGuardian DX Expansion can act as a stand-alone RTU.

Monitor CCMS, SESCOA, and Badger Equipment over RS232 and LAN with T/Mon NOC
This solution includes 202 ports to accommodate your FSK transceiver. The proposal features the T/Mon NOC, loaded with the appropriate hardware configuration and software to monitor your existing Badger and SNMP equipment.

Replace Outdated Badger and Dantel Remotes With The Advanced Monitoring of T/Mon and NetGuardian RTUs...
This solution provides redundancy, eliminates outdated Badger management platforms, and increases your monitoring reliability by replacing all your remotes with contemporary alarm remotes.

Monitor Badger Remotes with Harris NetBoss SNMP Manager using T/Mon
The equipment included in this solution will allow you to replace your current Badger master station with a contemporary, fully supported management system that will not only support the Badger remotes now, but may be used to monitor SNMP and TL1 devices (optional software sold separately) in the future.

Let T/Mon Mediate Alarms From Your TL1 and SNMP Devices...
One of the most powerful features of the T/Mon NOC is its ability to mediate alarms to other protocols...

Monitor Your NEC & Badger Remotes through Data Bridges with T/Mon
The solution will allow you to consolidate the alarms from your Badger equipment and NEC equipment as well as SNMP traps from your SNMP equipment.

Monitor Lucent DDM2000 and SNMP Gear over IP with T/Mon
T/Mon will monitor SNMP devices over LAN. It will also monitor your Lucent DDM2000. Monitoring for the DDM2000 begins across RS232 serial to a NetGuardian remote at the site. Data is then forwarded as ASCII text across your LAN to T/Mon for alarm processing.

Moniter Tower Lights via Cell Modem & DNP3 to T/Mon
The T/Mon Master Station will be able to receive the DNP3 protocol over a standard serial connection (native to the ECC Translator RTU).

The T/Mon NOC and NetGuardian RTUs Working To Mediate Alarms From CM Radio, Flashwave and other SNMP Devices ...
Our solution will address the need to monitor the existing MNI Proteus Radio, Flashwave, Telemix SNMP based equipment over IP, and of course, the NetGuardian.

Monitor Zhane & Fujitsu SNMP, Harris Constellation Radio with Harris XA Master & T/Mon
This solution addresses your vital concerns, including providing redundancy, eliminating obsolete platforms and increasing your monitoring reliability.

Report to Your Alcatel TSM-8000 with T/Mon
The TL1 alarm forwarding module will reside on your current T/Mon NOC and will allow you to forward selected alarms to your Alcatel TSM8000 alarm management system.

Supercharge your Dispatch Room with an Annunciation Panel and T/Mon NOC
DCM will use two serial connections, from the NetGuardian serial port and ultimately receive commands from the T/Mon NOC master station.

Monitor SNMP-based SONET gear with T/Mon NOC
We are pleased to present a monitoring solution that will provide you with a means of monitoring NetGuardians and other SNMP-based SONET equipment

Integrate Your Silent Knight Alarm Units With Ademco Protocol to T/Mon NOC...
Successfully integrate your Silent Knight Alarm boxes with Ademco Protocol to your T/Mon NOC.

Monitor Calix, CS1500, and SNMP Devices via LAN using the T/Mon NOC Master Station
The ASCII Software Module may be added to T/Mon to allow ASCII reporting over IP (and serial) for your existing Calix equipment.

Log ASCII Alarm History to an SQL (MySQL) Server with T/Mon
We understand the need to send your ASCII alarms to an external SQL server rather than a hard copy printout. To meet this need, we have prepared two options...

Monitor Cisco 15454, a Siemens Switch, and a MetaSwitch with T/Mon NOC
We appreciate your desire to have a single master station that can accept SNMP and ASCII traps/alarms from your Siemens and Meta-Switches, as well as your Cisco 15454.

Monitor Badger 475 RTUs with PSK Polling using T/Mon NOC
We can poll the Badger 475 units successfully from our T/Mon Master Station using a PSK Interface. Also included in this application is the Badger Polling Software that will enable this increased functionality.

Squeeze Every Last Ounce From Badger and Other Legacy Gear With T/Mon NOC...
Receiving alarm information from your existing Badger and other legacy equipment is easy with the T/Mon NOC. You can also receive alarm messages from additional SNMP-based devices in your network. The T/Mon NOC located at your central site could receive alarms over each Polling Leg via integrated RS232 Interface Cards (bridge provided by you).

Let T/Mon Mediate Alarms From Your TL1 and SNMP Devices...
The T/Mon NOC can be preloaded with the ASCII software module that will parse the ASCII and TL1 protocol from your Fujitsu equipment. The Auto data basing ASCII software will...

Monitor Battery Voltages and Temperatures with the NetGuardian 216
This application features a single NetGuardian 216 along with the Temperature Sensor with Probe. The NetGuardian 216 will use the Temperature Sensor with Probe to monitor your large scale batteries. It will be able to report alarms via SNMP over IP to your SNMP Manager.

Monitor NEC and Badger Remotes over serial, Radios using TBOS...
This application includes the NetMediator to mediate the TBOS protocol into DCPx from your microwave radios.

Use WhatsUp Gold to Monitor Your Head End Sites with NetGuardians
This solution features the NetGuardian G4 along with the NetGuardian 480 DX Expansion Chassis as your monitoring solution for your large head end site and the NetGuardian 216 for monitoring at your smaller head sites.

Your UniCenter Master, Collecting Alarms from a NetGuardian 216
This solution features the NetGuardian 216. It will be able to report alarms and receive controls from your UniCenter SNMP Master.

Monitor Datalok Remotes via Granger Modems, Bell 103, and Microwave Base Band
Implementing this DPS Telecom solution will allow you to bridge the technology gap by replacing your Pulsecom PDP master while at the same time supporting your deployed Datalok remotes and ultimately transitioning to a modern, contemporary alarm system in the future.

Monitor Turin SONET Equipment over TL1, Badger Equipment, and SNMP Gear
This solution will allow you to monitor your existing Badger 481 equipment and replace your Badger 2000 Master, NetGuardian G4's, TL1 alarms from your Turin SONET equipment as well as SNMP v1 or v2 traps from your routers and servers. The NetGuardian G4 will report alarms to the T/Mon NOC over LAN but will also report alarms over a POTS line in the event of a LAN failure.

Replace Your Aging Form 4 Equipment With The Pulse Interface Module..
The Pulse Interface Module included in this proposal incorporates the perfect balance of functionality, rugged design and cost efficiency, making it ideal for replacing your aged Form 4 equipment. Each Pulse Interface Module (PIM) supports two Loops.

Send SNMP Traps via LAN To Your Fial Manager...
The application features the Remote Alarm Block to monitor your discrete and analog alarms and report those to your FIAL Master Station.

Forward Alarms to your Telenium MOM (Manager of Managers)
This solution includes a brand new off-the-shelf T/Mon NOC and a few more software elements. This will be an excellent way to collect alarms and forward them to your Telenium SNMP MOM (Manager of Managers).

Monitor Nulinx Radio via Web Rangers and NetGuardians
We have prepared this application to monitor remote sites and SNMP devices over a LAN connection. We've included the NetGuardian G4 to monitor your remote sites and send relays ouputs to your Hot Standby Switch.

NetExpert SNMP Manager - Collecting Alarms from RAB 176N
This proposal includes Remote Alarm Blocks that will send alarms over a LAN connection to your NetExpert manager using the SNMP protocol.

Use MODBUS to Monitor Your Generator Output...
Both of these applications will allow the T/Mon NOC to receive the alarm messages, whether it is the MODBUS protocol or the DCPx protocol...

Prevent Network Failure While Mediating Badger Alarms to HP OpenView...
In order for the Dual Master Configuration to work with your existing Badger 202 Polling Legs you will need to add a Protection Switch...

APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager monitoring the NetGuardian 216
This solution features a single NetGuardian 216 along with a 110VAC Wall Transformer. It is one of our smallest RTU's and will be able to monitor your Onan diesel generator and report the alarms via SNMP over LAN to your APC InfrastruXure SNMP Manager.

Roadway Traffic System Monitoring via SNMP and Pager Alerts
The T/Mon NOC will provide you a central aggregation point for SNMP based alarm notifications from the Roadway Traffic System.

Monitor Harris Microwave Radios and ADTRAN via FrameRelay/T1
Moving away from a Four-Wire connection into a T1 connection is something that DPS Telecom can help with.

Monitor PBX ASCII Devices through a Terminal Server
This solution will consolidate the ASCII from your PBX devices and report those alarms to your T/Mon NOC.

Mediate Badger, Larse, and NEC Other Legacy Gear To SNMP...
The software modules listed in the 'Equipment Used' section will allow NOC to poll multiple legs of Larse and NEC remotes in one common platform and provide the protocol mediation to SNMP that forms the center of your monitoring application.

Process Data From A Large Quantity of ASCII Devices With The 8 Channel MUX...
The ASCII to RS232 software module will enable all direct connect ASCII ports on your system to have the ability to connect to our 8-Channel MUX.

Monitor Fujitsi and Badger Equipment - Forward SNMP Traps to NetCool
This solution features the T/Mon NOC Master Station, preloaded with Badger Interrogator software, SNMP Trap Processor and SNMP Forwarding software.

Access Control with the Building Access System
This solution features our Building Access System Software, loaded onto your T/Mon NOC, along with the remote site equipment to work in conjunction with NetGuardian remotes at your sites.

Wireless Alarm Reporting with Paging Alerts
Here, we have featured the Discrete Point Module with a CDMA (GSM available) Wireless Transmitter, allowing you to receive alarms to your pager from the DPM.

Monitor Door Sensors, Windows Sensors, Water Sensors, & Generator Sensors
The NetGuardian G4 will be the perfect RTU for this application because it will be able to send to your cell phone a descriptive text message for every alarm. Upon receiving the alarm, you will also be able to view the alarms via the built in web browser.

Print FAA Reports, Graphically Monitor Alarms, Store Them in an SQL Database
Daily log books must be kept on-site in case of an FAA inspection. With the T/Mon NOC and a local parallel printer (included in this proposal), you can have a single daily report printed out at a specific time every 24 hours.

Monitor via Dial-up in a Protected NEMA Case and with Battery Backup using NetDog
The system includes a NEMA 4x corrosion resistant case, power supply, dual 12vdc, 12AH batteries and the NetDog 82IP. This robust configuration allows the monitoring to take place in dirty environments and maintain visibility during power failures (while it runs from battery).

Mediate Alarms To Your SCADA Master Using DNP3...
Mediate user selected legacy alarms to a SCADA Master using the DNP3 protocol.

Use WhatsUp Gold to Collect SNMP Traps from NetGuardian RTUs
WhatsUp Gold can be used in conjunction with NetGuardian remotes (RTUs) to create an effective alarm monitoring system...

Mediate Alarms To Your siemens management platform...
This application will address your remote site alarm monitoring and building access control, as well as centralized monitoring & notifications at an element manager layer and mediation to your Siemens management platform. The topology features a redundant T/Mon NOC configuration...

Disaster Recovery, Building Security, and Graphical Monitoring At Your Fingertips...
Dual-redundant T/Mon NOC alarm masters, Building Access System security, and graphical alarm viewing with T/Mon GFX

Achieve 24/7 Network Security Through Controlled Access...
This door access package consists of an ECU (Entry Control Unit) with 12V door strike power supply and Exterior Low Profile ThinLine II Proximity Card Reader. The ECU acts as the main interface between...

Use This Option For Hassle-Free Alarm Termination...
The 66 Block provides an amphenol port (2 ports per NetGuardian) for ease of alarm termination. It greatly reduces the time & errors when terminating alarms from remote collection devices such as the NetGuardian 864.

Gain Insight Into Your Network Through SQL-based History Reporting...
Our new T/Mon History Report Utility runs on one or more Windows-based PCs to run the various history reports by directly accessing the SQL database. This creates an environment in which multiple people can independently run history reports that span beyond the T/Mon's current 1 Million event history capacity.

Disaster Recovery and Intuitive Monitoring: Be Prepared For Network Failure With a Redundant Master...
This application features a centralized T/Mon NOC master station. T/Mon is configured with both an ASCII Parsing Module and SNMP Software Module that allow for both protocols' alarm messages to be received by it - and notifying your technicians immediately.

Monitor Zhane & Fujitsu SNMP, Harris Constellation Radio with Harris XA Master & T/Mon
This solution addresses your vital concerns, including providing redundancy, eliminating obsolete platforms and increasing your monitoring reliability.