Monitor Badger Remotes with Harris NetBoss SNMP Manager using T/Mon

Monitor Badger Remotes with Harris NetBoss SNMP Manager using T/Mon
Monitor Badger Remotes with Harris NetBoss SNMP Manager using T/Mon.
Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

The equipment included in this solution will allow you to replace your current Badger master station with a contemporary, fully supported management system that will not only support the Badger remotes now, but may be used to monitor SNMP and TL1 devices (optional software sold separately) in the future.

There are 2 options included in this solution:

The first, includes a single, stand alone T/Mon system and the second includes a fully redundant dual T/Mon system. We have created the appropriate software and hardware configurations for each of the T/Mon NOC systems so that they can monitor both your Badger 475 and 481 alarm remotes without making radical changes to your current network architecture. The T/Mon system will not only replace your current Badger manager but it will also mediate all alarms to SNMP and forward those to your current Harris manager. This will allow you to have one common user interface for all network alarms.

This solution to monitor you network consists of both hardware and software elements. The hardware takes the form of the T/Mon NOC integrated with the appropriate interface cartridges [and in some cases associated external hardware][as well as alarm collection equipment]. The software components are typically loaded on the master.

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