Getting SNMP From Badger and Other Legacy Gear:
Use T/Mon To Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Muscle...

Squeeze Every Last Ounce From Badger and Other Legacy Gear With T/Mon NOC...
Squeeze Every Last Ounce From Badger and Other Legacy Gear With T/Mon NOC...
Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

Receiving alarm information from your existing Badger and other legacy equipment is easy with the T/Mon NOC. You can also receive alarm messages from additional SNMP-based devices in your network. The T/Mon NOC located at your central site could receive alarms over each Polling Leg via integrated RS232 Interface Cards (bridge provided by you).

You'll see four Ports for Polling on the T/Mon NOC in this particular application, however additional Ports (up to a maximum of 24) can be added to accommodate further Polling Legs. SNMP based equipment, as well as next generation LAN RTUs will be able to report alarms over IP to the T/Mon as well. Lastly, the NetGuardian Alarm RTU can report DCP over IP to the T/Mon, without any additional software needed.

In order to directly poll your Badger 481's, you'll use the Badger 481 software interrogation module. This allows you to segment what was once 1 leg into a configuration that allows you to get your alarms faster (4 times) and provide you with more network survivability. The T/Mon NOC Master Station is equipped with the four RS232 Ports for interfacing with the Badger/Legacy equipment. In addition, you can request to have the appropriate software preloaded onto the platform, in order to receive and decode the Badger and SNMP based equipment found in your network.

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