Network alarm monitoring refers to the use of a system that monitors a network 24/7. It checks for slow or failing parts and is capable of notifying someone of an issue. This type of monitoring system is commonly used by those in the telco, utilities, medical, transit and other industries.

Display Alarms.

Display Alarms

It's critical to have visibility of your alarms. Therefore, your Master station is extremely important - especially if you have more than 10 sites. A good master will receive alarms from all your sites and display them in one easy to view format, all on one screen. Plus, DPS Telecom products feature a web browser that not only lets you view your alarms, but also displays them in an easy to read format. Everyone from your most veteran tech to the new guy can view alarms and know immediately where the issue stems from. Here you will find single-platform solutions for managing and displaying incoming alarms, even from legacy gear no one else can support.

Monitor Alarms.

Monitor Alarms

Remote Telemetry Units or RTUs are the foundation for your network alarm system. They are the worker bees that monitor all your equipment and report trouble to you or your master station. Choosing the one that is right for your needs is the crucial first step in securing your network. While their are many things to consider when choosing an RTU, DPS makes it easy for you to get exactly what you need. Whether you need a specific number of controls, analogs, or a certain protocol, DPS Telecom has a unit that will meet your needs. If not, they can custom manufacture unit so you get your perfect-fit solution.

Mediate Protocols.

Mediate Protocols

Avoid an expensive forklift swapout and say goodbye to compatibility issues with a flexible, multi-protocol alarm master. Most DPS Master Stations can support over 25 legacy and proprietary protocols, as well as legacy gear. You won't have to get rid of functioning legacy gear to have your system work seamlessly together. With DPS Telecom Master Stations, your entire network will integrate perfectly - saving you time and money. By mediating protocols, DPS Telecom's Masters are some of the most versatile units available. Plus, with each unit you get their 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee and their unmatched tech support - available 24/7 to assist you.

Expand Alarm Coverage.

Expand Coverage

As your business expands and your number of sites increases, you want your network alarm monitoring system to also grow. Rather than swapping out your entire system every time you outgrow it, look for a system is scalable. DPS Telecom offers a variety of options to ensure that your network always has the capacity you need to have complete visibility of your entire network. Many of DPS Telecom's RTUs are daisy chainable to increase capacity at each site. If you only need one aspect increased - such as controls, DPS also offers expansion units that can be daisy chained to increase capacity. Sensors and other units are also expandable and daisy chainable. No matter the need, DPS Telecom can help you cover your entire network. Find RTU expansion units that are easy to daisy-chain.

Monitor Environmentals.


Knowing what to monitor is half the battle. Generators and other large equipment are obvious, but what about other factors. Environmentals are often over looked, even though they are some of the easy remote aspects to monitor. It does not matter if your site has power if its too hot for the equipment to work anyway. Knowing factors such as site temperature and humidity level are just as important as knowing if the door has been breached or if the generator has fuel. With D-Wire Sensors from DPS, monitoring environmentals has never been easier. The right discrete and analog sensors let you to keep an eye on changing environmental conditions 24 / 7.

Control Building Access.


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Theft, vandalism and break-ins are a huge threat to your remote site and its literally a sitting duck unless you have a way to monitor site access. With a Building Access Control unit, you can make sure that anyone that enters your site is supposed to be there. User logs and key pads keep track of everyone that enters. Keycards eliminate the need for re-keying and are more secure than traditional lock and keys. Set your own access rights by employee, time of day, day of the week, and more with unique user profiles.

Add Functionality.

Add Functionality

Here you'll find accessories that deliver custom voice alerts, show you who is on-site, and test your equipment.

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