Monitor Battery Voltages And Temperatures With The NetGuardian 216

Monitor Battery Voltages and Temperatures with the NetGuardian 216
Monitor Battery Voltages and Temperatures with the NetGuardian 216

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application features a single NetGuardian 216 along with the Temperature Sensor with Probe. The NetGuardian 216 will use the Temperature Sensor with Probe to monitor your large scale batteries. It will be able to report alarms via SNMP over IP to your SNMP Manager.

The NetGuardian 216 comes equipped with 16 discrete alarm inputs, 2 analog alarm inputs, and 2 control relay outputs. The discrete alarms are items such as door alarms, equipment alarms and other ON/OFF events. The discrete alarms are "software reversible" to support both N/O and N/C alarm wiring. The NetGuardian 216's 2 analog inputs can be used for measuring such critical events as temperature, voltage and battery. We also have a line of sensors which can be used with the NetGuardian 832A and can be included upon your request.

The NetGuardian 216 will provide complete coverage and control of your smaller remote sites with easy installation and configuration. It can report alarms via SNMP to any SNMP manager, or DCPx over either UDP or TCP to the T/Mon (DPS Master Station). The reachthrough serial port on the NG216 provides you the ability to access a remote serial device via LAN (a.k.a. terminal server). The NetGuardian 216 also features a realtime clock, so the NetGuardian 216 clock maintains the current date and time during a power failure. Each time an alarm occurs, a time-date stamp will be included in the SNMP/DCPx trap. Also, the NetGuardian 216 comes a with a free, easy to use, Windows based (T/NG216) utility for configuration, monitoring and diagnostic functions.

The NetGuardian 216 can mount in any 19" or 23" rack and occupies only one rack unit of space. The standard NetGuardian 216 has rear-panel amphenol connectors for alarms, LAN connections for transport, and a RS232 serial port. DPS offers FREE LIFETIME SOFTWARE upgrades, which you can easily download to your NetGuardian via LAN to make sure you have all the latest & greatest benefits that have been developed.

The Temperature Sensor with Probe is an analog temperature sensor, which measures from -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (-28.9 to 82.2 degrees Celsius). You will be able to view the real time temperature and humidity readings via your SNMP Manager. This unit will also allow you to set four thresholds (minor under, minor, major, major over). The benefit of this is that an alarm will sound anytime any of those thresholds are reached. The unit has a native operating voltage 24 VDC to 35 VDC. This package includes resistor for use in -48 V operations.

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