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DPS will give you the best network monitoring possible. A promise like that demands more than great products. You need great service and support:

As a DPS client, you have many services available to you:

Turn-Up and Installation Assistance

This is absolutely the quickest and easiest way to get your network monitoring system up and running. Our on-site turn-up assistance team will help install and configure your system and train your staff to use it.

DPS engineers
DPS engineers will come to your facility for installation and turn-up assistance.

Databasing Services

Setting up your database is the most important aspect of configuring your alarm monitoring system. But you don't have to worry about it when we can do it for you. This service is especially helpful if you're upgrading to DPS Telecom equipment from legacy gear - we can convert your existing database from your legacy master. When cost effective, we have even designed custom conversion utilities to assist in databasing your new monitoring system.

DPS alarm master engineer
DPS engineers can remotely database your system for you if you prefer. This involves setting up alarm points and notifications in your alarm master.

Factory Training

Factory training is the most thorough way to learn everything you need to know about your network monitoring system.

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Your monitoring system is a safeguard for your network - it makes sense to make sure that safeguard is always there. Our maintenance agreements will keep your monitoring system running at its best, worry-free.

Technical Support

And, of course, we also provide complete technical support. Whenever you need help, we are never more than a phone call or an e-mail away. We also have online live chat support.

DPS tech support engineer
Tech support is provided exclusively from our headquarters in Fresno, CA, USA. 7x24 emergency tech support is available outside of normal business hours.

System Design

When you need a new system, we don't leave you guessing about what products you need. Our application engineers design an alarm monitoring configuration specifically for your application, and prepare a customized report detailing every aspect of the proposed system.