Monitor Multiple Devices with The Multi-Protocol and Multi-Funcation T/Mon NOC.

Monitor NEC and Badger remotes over serial or radios by using the NetMediator to mediate TBOS into DCPx.
Monitor NEC and Badger remotes over serial or radios by using the NetMediator to mediate TBOS into DCPx.

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works

Have you ever struggled with device fragmentation? Let's say that you have one device that uses this protocol and you have this other device that uses this other protocol. It isn't so bad if you only have to deal with a couple different devices. Well, what if you have to manage 3 different devices that each has their own protocol? Still not too bad right? But what if you got 5 or 20 or more? It'll get pretty messy real quick with the more devices you have. Wouldn't it be great if you don't have to worry about different devices and different protocols though. All you want is a single platform where you can monitor and handle all of your devices. Good news, because that's where the NetMediator and T/Mon NOC can help you out. The NetMediator can mediate different protocols into your preferred protocol, while the T/Mon NOC can provide you the single monitoring platform you need.

The NetMediator is able to receive data from various protocols. SNMP and ASCII devices can send data to the NetMediator. Even radios that uses the TBOS protocol or deployed NetGuardians that uses DCPx are able to send alarm data to the NetMediator. The NetMediator can then mediate data sent from these devices and their protocols into a protocol that an alarm master can use. The NetMediator can be connected to the T/Mon NOC in LAN to make all of those devices connected to the NetMediator available to the T/Mon NOC. And if you have a T/Mon NOC, you will be able to connect your NEC and Badger devices directly to the T/Mon NOC.

Mediate Protocols with the NetMediator.

Dealing with different protocols is no fun. How can you have different devices communicate with one another if they don't even use the same protocol. It's either you compromise by using the same devices or you use devices with the same protocol. If you go with either choices, you're gonna miss out on some great features found in different devices and protocols. The best path to take in this case would be to use a device that can bridge this gap in protocols. A device like the NetMediator is perfect for accomplishing this task.

The NetMediator can mediate, or translate, one protocol into another protocol. For example, the NetMediator T2S is able to mediate the TBOS protocol into the SNMP protocol. Devices that use TBOS, DCPx, SNMP, or even ASCII can be mediated with the NetMediator. The best part about the NetMediator is that it has all of the features available on the NetGuardian 832A and then some. It functions as a protocol mediation device while also being a full-featured alarm collector. Mediating protocols is hassle free with the NetMediator. The NetMediator is a general purpose mediation device that can be customize for different needs. If there's a protocol that you need mediated, the NetMediator can achieve it.

NetMediator Specification.

DPS Telecom has built several NetMediator for mediating several protocols. Some of these NetMediators may be of use depending on your needs. The NetMediator T2S can mediate TBOS data into SNMP. The NetMediator TNT can mediate TBOS and TABS. For every protocol mediation needs, a NetMediator can take care of it

A Single Platform With the T/Mon NOC.

The T/Mon NOC will provide you the ability to collect alarms from your existing NEC and Badger remotes into a single monitoring platform. Not only just NEC and Badger remotes, the T/Mon NOC can also bring devices from other manufacturers together. A NetMediator is also able to communicate with the T/Mon NOC. You can have a couple or so NetMediators handle various devices. The T/Mon NOC can then take care of the NetMediators and the devices that are connected to the NetMediator. Bringing devices into a single centralized platform is what the T/Mon NOC does best.

The T/Mon's T/GrafX graphical user interface provides technician the ability to remotely view alarms from a built-in web interface. From this web interface, T/GrafX, users such as technicians will be able to monitor alarm data, set notifications, and statistics tracking. It also has a, visual, multi-layer a geographical map to allow users to get down to the device level to view specific alarm information. Many more ease-of-use features and options can be found on T/GrafX.

T/Mon NOC Specification.

The T/Mon NOC has many more additional software modules available to increase its capabilities. You should be familiar with one of the software modules already which is T/GrafX. T/GrafX is a software module that handles the T/Mon NOC's web interface. The other notable software modules that can be used with the T/Mon NOC are SNMP Agent, SNMP Trap Processor, Badger Interrogator, TABS Responder, and TBOS Interrogator/Responder. Each of the software modules enhances the T/Mon NOC's capabilities by expanding the T/Mon's already huge feature set.

T/Mon NOC Software Modules.

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