Applications Knowledge Base - Step-By-Step Guides to Specific Network Monitoring Tasks

Find out everything you can do with network monitoring. The Applications Knowledge Base contains step-by-step guides to finding the network alarm management system that's a perfect fit for what you want to achieve with your network monitoring. These applications guides will help you identify your network monitoring goals and direct you to the applications and products you need to reach those goals.

Find the guide that answers your questions:

What is Your Legacy Problem?

Is your network monitoring system dying? Is it no longer supported by the manufacturer? Is it a dead end for upgrade options? There's a way out of the legacy trap. This guide to legacy support issues will show you cost-effective ways to migrate from your obsolete legacy system to advanced network alarm management, without sacrificing your investment in your existing equipment.

What do you want your Network Alarm Management System to do?

This guide to alarm master applications will show you how you can monitor your entire network from one integrated platform, display detailed alarm data in your NOC, send automatic alarm notifications to field technicians, control remote site equipment, and more.

What do you want your Alarm Collection Devices to do?

This guide to Alarm Collection Devices (remote telemetry units) will show you how you can monitor discrete, analog and ping alarms, control remote site equipment, find the right capacity device for your site, mediate alarm inputs between different protocols and more.

What do you want to do with SNMP?

This guide to SNMP alarm monitoring applications will show you how you can mediate SNMP to and from other protocols, forward discrete, analog, and ping alarms as SNMP traps, connect SNMP RTUs to your network via dial-up connection, and more.

Perfect Fit Alarm Monitoring Equipment NetGuardian 216 AlphaMax NetGuardian 832A Advanced Telemetry System NetGuardian 480 RAB 176N
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Answer These 13 Questions and See If Your System Needs Replacement

  1. Is it difficult or impossible to get spare parts and replacement units?
  2. Has the system worked for your company longer than you have?
  3. Is tech support for your system no longer available?
  4. Is your system LAN-compatible?
  5. Is your system costing more money in maintenance than it's providing in uptime revenue?
  6. Has your system's upgrade path reached a dead end?
  7. Has the warranty expired?
  8. Was your network monitoring system installed in the 1980s?
  9. Is your system hard to use?
  10. Is training no longer available?
  11. Is your system NEBS-compliant?
  12. Does the manufacturer no longer support your system?
  13. Does the manufacturer no longer exist?

If you answered "yes" to five or more of these questions, you probably have an obsolete, aging legacy system. Legacy gear is a threat to your network and your business. The longer you use an obsolete system, the greater the chance of losing visibility, uptime, and revenue.

If your system can't pass this test, call a DPS Telecom Applications Engineer today at 1-800-693-0351 and discover the easy, cost-effective migration path away from legacy to modern network monitoring.

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White Paper: When to Update Your Monitoring

If you're currently monitoring your mission-critical equipment with a legacy monitoring solution, can you really be sure you have complete network visibility? What will you do when your aging system fails?

This white paper will teach you how to escape the legacy monitoring trap and gain total visibility of your network. It will also show you how the support and expertise of a modern monitoring vendor will make gaining that visibility much easier.


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