Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) for Medium Sites

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NetGuardian 832A

The NetGuardian 832A is a NEBS-certified, LAN-based alarm collection device for comprehensive monitoring and control of remote site equipment. The NetGuardian has all the tools you need to manage your remote site, including stand-alone local visibility options for monitoring alarms directly through the RTU, bypassing the need for a master.

Critical Alarm Enunciator

NetGuardian 480

The NetGuardian 480 is a cost-effective way to cover your entire site with a single high-quality unit. With 80 discrete alarm inputs - two and a half times as many as the NetGuardian 832A - you can easily forward all the alarms of a small to medium-sized site.

NetGuardian 216T Medium remote telemetry unit

NetGuardian 216T

The NetGuardian 216T provides detailed monitoring and Ethernet connectivity at remote sites. The NetGuardian 216T connects via T1, extending LAN to the remote site.

KDA 864-TL1

KDA 864-SNMP Alarm Remote

Brings conventional discrete alarm and control points to your existing SNMP management system, using your already deployed 10 Base-T network.

NetGuardian 832A

KDA 864-TL1

The KDA 864-TL1 is an alarm and control remote (network element) that packs 64 alarm points and 8 control points into a single 19-inch housing and reports to an OSS using Transaction Language 1 (TL1) protocol.

NetGuardian 480

KDA 864-E2 Alarm Remote

The KDA 864-E2 is a downloadable alarm and control remote that packs 64 alarms points and 8 control points into a single 19-inch housing.


KDA 832-T8 Alarm Remote

This advanced alarm collection device, with a combination of 32 alarm points, 8 relays, and 8 TBOS ports, will monitor the vast majority of sites that require telecommunications or environmental supervision.

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