Fast Deployment Time Frame Is Critical And The Gear Must Work First Time

You have to deploy a well designed monitoring solution FAST

We've all been there - Needing to find a solution to a monitoring problem fast. Oddly enough, several paths can lead us to this same spot. Plan A didn't work out quit as planned and now you need to scramble to get a solution you know will work right. Other times, you just get handed a project that must be "done" yesterday. Sometimes a new requirement just comes out of nowhere, such as "How are you going to monitor that?". Other common factors are windows of opportunity suddenly open and you don't have time to do all the due diligence that you would have liked to deploy a solution. The one thing that remains constant is that you don't have a lot of time and the system needs to work the first time.

DPS is well positioned to address your monitoring needs in a very timely basis

  • We've developed a "perfect-fit" product line
    DPS has specialized in alarm monitoring solutions for decades and have a wealth of experience when it comes to specifying solutions which allows us design a well thought out system fast. Better yet, over that period of time we have developed a wide selection of solutions to choose from to build you the right system for your needs. This proposal contains a solution specifically tailored for you needs.
  • Vertical integration is our key to speed
    Because we are vertically integrated and manufacture our own equipment we have some latitude with the scheduling and prioritization of our production line to address emergency situations. Even in cases of large deployment scenarios, it is often possible in the span of a few weeks, to get sufficient equipment in play to keep teams of installers productive.