Which of these 2 problems will the NetGuardian Monitoring Application solve for You?

Which of these 2 common monitoring scenarios most applies to you?

1) Your small group of NetGuardian RTUs is growing.
It's getting difficult to keep track of them using just their web interfaces, but you also can't justify purchasing an alarm master just yet. You need to see the status of your NetGuardians summarized on one screen, and you need to do it for a reasonable price.

2) Your have a large fleet of NetGuardian RTUs reporting to a central SNMP manager, but you need to create regional visibility, too
Sure, your NOC center gets plenty of information about remote sites, but what about people working within a single region. Can they get the visibility they need to do their job well? While your full fleet of NetGuardians continues to report SNMP traps to your SNMP manager, users at the regional level can use the NetGuardian Monitoring Application to get alarm details for up to 8 NetGuardians in their specific area. This provides them with the right information they need without disrupting your core NOC center.

For both of these problems, the NetGuardian Monitoring Application is the answer. This streamlined interface takes the best part of a dedicated alarm master - a comprehensive view of your network - and provides it on a smaller scale.

RTU monitoring application for Windows
This application runs on your Windows-based workstation. Simply click a NetGuardian icon to launch its web browser interface.

With this Windows-based software and the included USB security key, you can easily monitor up to 8 NetGuardians at once. You'll avoid juggling between several web browsers. If any NetGuardian has a standing alarm, its indicator circle will change from green to red. To get more detail, simply click the icon to launch the NetGuardian's web interface in your web browser.

7 Key Benefits of this NetGuardian Monitoring Application:
  1. Get the ideal NetGuardian 832A visibility platform if you don't have a T/Mon NOC
  2. Monitor up to 8 NetGuardians at once
  3. Receive visual notification of alarms
  4. Launch the NetGuardian web interface by clicking an icon
  5. Reduce the labor required to monitor your network
  6. Reduce the chance of missing an alarm
  7. Support multiple simultaneous users (optional)
NetGuardian G5 Web Browser
Clicking an icon will lead you to the web interface for that NetGuardian RTU, such as the one shown above.

For an example of the intuitive NetGuardian web interface, watch this video...

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