Solve Network Technician Dispatch Problems With This Equipment

Dispatching Technicians

Dispatch problems, hassles and errors are getting more and more expensive. You do not want to pay technicians to drive out to remote sites for minor alarms that could wait until morning. You also do not want them to get all the way out to a site to find that they have brought the wrong parts or the wrong tool. They then will have to go back and get the right tools or parts to fix the problems. This windshield time can be very expensive. You are not only paying for the high cost of the technician's time, but your revenue generating equipment is down much longer then it needs to be.

24 Hour Alarm Notification

  • Get the Information You Need with Multiple 24/7 Alarm Reporting Methods
    When a critical service interrupting failure happens, you want to be informed no matter what time it is. Our solution is designed to report alarm status in many different forms to keep technical staff informed 24 hours a day. On-call staff will be kept abreast of your network health via alphanumeric pager as well as email notification.
  • Make every dispatch worth the trip
    The flexibility of this system allows it to be tailored to page the proper person, at the right time for the proper alarm. This will provide you with visibility to identify the exact problem area and to take the proper corrective actions. Our solutions will allow you to provide your valued customers with uninterrupted service.