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Monitoring Security

You have security standards that must be maintained

Mission critical data flows through your network. In today's world the threat of cyber attacks is greater than it ever was. Every network element has to have protection to keep people out of where they shouldn't be. With increased automation of our systems, the impacts of these attacks on your elements could impact core systems operations. You need to make sure that your data is confidential and that unauthorized people can't access it.

Your network is properly protected

Alarm remotes such as the NetGuardian G5 series with hardware acceleration support SNMPV3 to send encrypted traps to your master so unintended recipients can't simply look at the messages. The series also features other security features such as HTTPS for secure web viewing of the alarm data. All NetGuardian 832/864 G2-G5 Series Guardian series support white lists to only also specific IP connectivity. T/Mon also has the option to support HTTPS web viewing, and like the NetGuardian line has passwords that control the level of access individual users have to the system

Monitoring Unauthorized Entry.

Your expensive equipment is kept in nondescript equipment huts or at remote unmanned sites. These equipment sites are at significant risk for vandalism and theft simply because of their remote location, lack of visible human presence, and minimal security deterrents. Monitoring unauthorized entry to your remote locations will safeguard your network and protect your investment.

Increased Site Security.

Regulating and controlling personnel access is vital to protecting and maintaining expensive equipment. Increased site security acts as a deterrent to vandalism and theft due to your ability to monitor facility access. Because of the added security, you can have peace of mind that only authorized personnel access your sites.

Theft is costing you a significant amount of money

When the price of something goes up, criminals are more likely to target it. This directly attacks your business on a number of fronts. First you're out the loss of what they took which can range from fuel, to copper, to equipment. That's a big financial hit right there, but that doesn't even take into consideration the cost of restoration or impact to services and operations.

A good theft deterrent

You can better protect your sites to deter theft by monitoring intrusions, tightening up access to your sites using building access, keeping your sites well lit at night, and having cameras that show you what's going on, as well as audible alarms to send off a clear warning. If your sites are well protected, you will likely reduce the number of attempts and the effectiveness of those attempts. Bottom line, the sooner you are aware you have unauthorized persons on site the sooner you can dispatch your security detail or the police.

bleeding heart
DPS equipment is not affected by the "Heartbleed" vulnerability

After news broke about the "Heartbleed" vulnerability, DPS held a special review to assess potential vulnerabilities in DPS equipment. Some security-conscious DPS clients have called us to ask whether their T/Mon's and NetGuardian RTUs are vulnerable.

We're happy to report that no DPS Telecom products are affected by Heartbleed.

If you'd like more technical details, feel free to speak with us at sales@dpstele.com or 1-800-693-0351.

This is also a good time to re-evaluate your general security practices surrounding your remote monitoring and control systems. DPS offers several technologies that are favored by security-focused companies and government agencies, including:

  • HTTPS/SSL encryption for secure web interface access
  • RADIUS authentication
  • "Need-to-know" user-level access permissions
  • Electronic door control for physical site security
  • SiteMON IP cameras for remote surveillance and monitoring

SiteCAM Camera

Visual Surveillance of Network Sites using the NetGuardian SiteCAM
Visual Surveillance of Network Sites using the NetGuardian SiteCAM

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

The SiteCAM is a small lightweight -48VDC IP video camera that will allow users to pan and tilt around a site for visual confirmation of events. This network camera features 60 degrees pan left & right and 45 degrees tilt down. Its web browser is accessible via the NetGuardian's web browser.

The SiteCAM provides remote site visibility in more than one way. Use the SiteCAM to add security for co-location sites by providing video surveillance. With the SiteCAM, you will be able to view live streaming video of your sites and equipment with the touch of a button.

The camera is run off the NetGuardian's integrated 10BaseT hub or it can be connected directly to a separate hub (for NetGuardians without the built-in hub). Up to four cameras can be connector per NetGuardian and they can be mounted to the rack, or attached to a wall or ceiling.

When coupled with the Building Access System (BAS), the integrated camera provides the most complete remote site monitoring solution available.

NetGuardian SiteCAM IP
The SiteCAM IP camera delivers
real-time video of your remote
network sites.

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