New: IP Camera With GSM/CDMA Wireless Connectivity

You always have better situational awareness when you can literally see what's happening out at your remote sites. IP cameras with integrated RTU functions, like the SiteMON IP, have been great at sites where you have LAN.

But what about locations where you don't have LAN? Maybe you're simply in the middle of a site build-out, or maybe the site is never going to have LAN available. Regardless, you can't simply write-off IP cameras.

What you need is an IP camera with a built-in GSM/CDMA wireless data modem. That would allow the camera to transmit images back to you anywhere you have wireless data coverage. Such a camera would have to intelligently manage bandwidth usage to data fees.

IP Camera Diagram
As you can see in this diagram, this new wireless IP camera will send you images via a GSM/CDMA data connection. Bandwidth consumption is minimized by compressing images and sending only when a "trigger event" occurs or you request a live image feed.

Fortunately, this new build of the SiteMON IP camera includes a GSM/CDMA modem. It provides 7x24 monitoring at your site, alerting you with captured images when a pre-configured "trigger event" occurs (motion sensor, door open, etc.). You can also access a live feed at any time.

After DPS Labs testing and optimization, average data consumption when viewing a live image stream has been reduced to less than 24 KBps when running at 1 frame per second. This provides good site visibility with the advantage of very low data consumption.

Could you use GSM/CDMA wireless IP cameras at some of your remote sites? As DPS puts the finishing touch on this new version of the SiteMON IP camera, you have a chance to request any special functionality that you need. Speak with an engineer today.

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