Using The Craft Port On A NetGuardian As A 115200 Baud Proxy Agent

The 8 serial ports on a NetGuardian are hardware limited to 38400 baud. The Craft port is not limited in the same way and is capable of speeds up to 115000 baud. If you have a device that requires a 57600 or 115000 baud connection, there is a solution. To accomplish this you can use one of the 8 serial ports on the NetGuardian as your new Craft port, freeing up the front Craft port to use as a proxy agent. Follow the procedure below to create your 57600 or 115000 baud proxy agent.

Connect and log on to the NetGuardian through the http (web) interface, the craft port, or a telnet connection. (The http interface is used for this example)

Click the Edit link.

 Log on and click the Edit link

Click the Ports link

 Click the Ports link

Use the drop down box to change the baud rate of the Craft port. You can change the word format if necessary.

 Use the drop down box to change the baud rate of the Craft port

Scroll down and click the submit data button.

 Click the submit data button

Click on the Type link for the dataport you would like to make your Craft port. Note: older versions of the NetGuardian will have a drop down box in place of the link.

 Click on the Type link

Use the drop down box to change the port type to CRFT, then press the Submit Data button.

 Use the drop down box to change the port type to CRFT

Click the Ports link.

 Click the Ports link

Enter "Craft" for the port description. Click the Submit Data button.

 Click the Ports link

In the lower frame you will see "Reboot Needed". Click the Reboot link in the left frame.

 Click the Ports link

Once the reboot is complete, you will now be able to proxy to the craft port at 115000 baud. You will also be able to access the physical craft interface through the data port configured.

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