NetGuardian SiteCAM: Visual Network Visibility

NetGuardian SiteCAM IP
  • View live streaming video of remote sites
  • Great for co-location sites
  • Helps to eliminate unauthorized access to remote sites
  • Significantly reduces windshield time by providing remote visual verification
  • Integrated 10/100 switch with uplink jack eliminates the costs and rack space associated with installing a separate switch
  • One-touch access to video via the NetGuardian's Web Browser Interface
  • Easy mounting on wall or ceiling
  • Increased security of remote sites
  • Camera runs on -48vdc or +12vdc (ordering option)
  • Up to 4 cameras per NetGuardian

NetGuardian 832A G5
The NetGuardian SiteCAM IP provides video surveillance of your remote sites - and it integrates directly with your NetGuardian RTU.
NetGuardian SiteCAM Browser Interface
Streaming video: View live
streaming video of your remote
sites and equipment with the
touch of a button.

The SiteCAM option for the NetGuardian provides remote site visibility in more than one way!

Added security for co-location sites can now be provided using video surveillance. No longer will network managers be forced to sit and wonder what is happening at their remote sites - hoping everything is fine. Now they'll be able to view live streaming video of their sites and equipment with the touch of a button. With multiple vendors co-locating equipment at each site, and each vendor having its own support staff, opportunities for interference with your equipment increase, malicious or not. Simply put, the more people with access to your equipment, the more security issues arise.

The camera is run off the NetGuardian's integrated 10/100 switch or it can be connected directly to a separate 100BaseT hub for higher performance. Up to four cameras can be connected per NetGuardian and they can be mounted to the rack, or attached to a wall or ceiling. When coupled with the Building Access System (BAS), the integrated camera provides the most complete remote site monitoring solution available.

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