The DPS "Triple-Play": 3 Crucial Security Components For Your Remote Sites

Alarm monitoring coupled with remote video surveillance brings a new level of efficiency in a network environment with remote locations . When securing access to your facility, you have to manage personnel, the monitoring devices on your network, and the perimeter of your building. The more people with access to your equipment, the more security issues arise, especially at co-location sites. Added security can alleviate gnawing concerns regarding trouble-free operation at remote sites.

Mary Steffen and Tim LaChance - National Grid
The NetGuardian with SiteCAM provides
completely integrated remote-site surveillance

Real-time monitoring and data collection allows key personnel to analyze, visualize, and make decisions based on the overall status of the network. The capacity to view who is gaining entry to your sites, and when they are doing so, enables you to know for sure if they are supposed to be there or not. Are they friend or foe? A live video feed accessible at the touch of a button means that upon receiving an alarm notification, you instantly verify if the alarm actually merits a drive to your remote site or not. This saves you valuable time and money.

An Ideal Integrated Solution

The term 'triple-play' has been applied to the combination of voice, video and internet services. Well, DPS has its own 'triple-play':

  1. Equipment Monitoring via the NetGuardian platform
  2. Access Control via ECU addition to NetGuardian
  3. Video Surveillance via SiteCAM addition to NetGuardian

The equipment monitoring aspect is vital by default. You have to know your environmental conditions (temperature, water, etc.), your power situation (generators, rectifiers, batteries, commercial power), and last but not least, your network infrastructure. NetGuardian and T/Mon monitoring equipment provide you with lots of functionality to reliably monitor your environment.

The Building Access System provides an important level of access control. With contractors and different types of personnel gaining access to your building, you need to have the ability to authenticate them. Are they authorized to come in on weekends? What about temporary employee access? These factors are all mitigated with the granular control of a Building Access System.

With the addition of a video camera, your NetGuardian now acts as a video surveillance system. This feature is great for co-location sites and significantly reduces windshield time by providing remote site verification. You no longer have to sit around and wonder if unauthorized access is occurring at your remote locations. The SiteCAM option for the NetGuardian creates several advantages. Up to four cameras can be connected per NetGuardian and they can be mounted to the rack, or attached to a wall or ceiling. Checking real-time video in one control room coming from 10 remote sites is much more efficient than having to visit 10 separate control locations.

DPS Remote Surveillance Products Create Value

The combination of the T/Mon and NetGuardian hardware, SiteCAM and the Building Access System, give you a powerful and integrated remote site solution at a savings over separate systems. Additionally, you simplify integration, ordering and ongoing support. If you would like to learn more about our 'Triple-Play', contact our Sales Engineers at 1-800-693-0351

Want to know more about the DPS security "triple play"?

Contact a DPS Sales Engineer at 1-800-693-0351

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