RADIUS Authentication

Communications between the NOC and remote access points are a vital piece of the puzzle in a network monitoring system. Without the ability for a technician to access the database of alarms and activities, or for the administrator to edit permissions and usage restrictions, you may as well be attempting to fly blind. While, allowing wide open access from across the network is out of the question, many people have tried to implement various security measures to verify the user attempting to gain access. One of these methods is through the utilization of RADIUS.

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service protocol developed by Livingston Enterprises, Inc., is used as an access server authentication and accounting protocol. Using the client/server format, RADIUS passes user information to designated servers and acts on the response that is returned.

The tasks of the server include receiving client requests to connect, authentication of the user, and the return of configuration information necessary for the client to deliver services to the user. While serving as a proxy client, a RADIUS server can allow the client to connect to other RADIUS servers or other kinds of authentication methods. It can support PPP, PAP, or CHAP, UNIX login, as well as several other methods.

A user login consists of several steps:

  1. Query (Access-Request)
  2. Response (Access-Accept/Reject/Challenge and corresponding parameters)
  3. Reply (client acts upon information received by server)

Another built-in feature of RADIUS authentication methods is the ability to account for all attempts at access, authorization, and user activities while utilizing one of the many client devices.

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