NetGuardian RTUs that support SNMP

SNMP is a widely used protocol. Therefore, many NetGuardians support 1 or more versions of SNMP to improve your network visibility.

Budget Friendly.
Critical Remote Provisioning.

NetGuardian 832A.

A large-capacity RTU that monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 8 relays, provides LAN reach through access to 8 serial ports, and reports via SNMP v2c or DCPX, e-mail, or pagers. Multiple customization and expansion options available.

NetGuardian DX Expansion Unit.

The NetGuardian DX G5 Expansion Units are low-cost, self-contained devices that provide compatible NetGuardian series remotes with additional ground-activated discrete alarms, analogs alarms, and control relays. With the NetGuardian DX expansions, your NetGuardian RTU can scale to the needs of your site, so you don't have to deploy new RTUs as your needs grow.

Mediate Contact Closures.

Mediate Contact Closures From MacKenzie MacFi MP Units to The Advanced NetGuardian G4...
Mediate Contact Closures From MacKenzie MacFi MP Units to The Advanced NetGuardian G4...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application features the NetGuardian G4 to replace alarm collection functions on your older equipment and accept alarms from the MacKenzie MacFi MP units. The MacKenzie MacFi MP's contact closures will be monitored via the NetGuardian G4's 32 alarm points.

When there is a change of state with the contact closure, the NetGuardian G4 will then report those alarms via POTS line to your service provider and ultimately out via SMS text messages to their cell phones. The NetGuardian is also equipped with LAN capabilities, which means alarm messages can be sent via email to their cell phone (depending on service provider) as well as being able to view current alarm status via its built in web browser.

Power Over Ethernet

Do you use PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) for your remote site equipment? As you know, this technology greatly simplifies wiring, as PoE devices are completely powered by the same network cable used for LAN. Imagine how much you could reduce labor time and expense by deploying RTUs equipped with this power technology.


The DPS Engineering Department recently added PoE to the list of available NetGuardian build options. Power-over-Ethernet is available on a variety of NetGuardian RTU models, including many listed on the RTU Feature Matrix.

But what if you require the redundant dual-power inputs available on most existing non-PoE NetGuardians? You also have the option to use PoE as a backup power supply. If you lose power to your single or dual inputs, PoE would continue to power your RTU.

You can have non-power people doing installs. Don't have to be certified in DC power systems.

You don't have to do as much pre-engineering or power planning work and engineering drawings associated.

Monitor Network Infrastructures.

NetGuardian Trend Analysis.

NetGuardian WSD.

Client Review: RT Communications.

Critical Remote Provisioning.

Client Review: IT Consulting Firm.

NetGuardian 12 Overview

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