"Leading IT Consulting Firm Arms A Key Client With Versatile, SNMP-Compatible NetGuardian Remotes..."

Andrey Patsev
Andrey Patsev
Senior Systems Engineer

Andrey Patsev has setup a number of vital networks for clients during his time with his IT consulting firm. "It is a project-oriented company," Patsev said. "We generate the solution, we propose it, and then we integrate it." His California-based company is a leading provider of "scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services." Patsev, a senior systems engineer, is beginning a project that requires an RTU that can report to an SNMP manager.

"I think the NetGuardian is all around a great product..."

They Knew What They Wanted - The NetGuardian Delivered...
The hunt for the right RTU began by searching for one that would satisfy his client's needs on a functionality level and be easily configured for SNMP. "Sometimes, the clients have a pretty good idea about what equipment they want to have," Patsev said. "Sometimes they don't have any idea - they just know what kind of functionalities they would like to see in their networks."

In his two years with his IT consulting firm, this is the first encounter Patsev has had with DPS Telecom equipment. His company selected the NetGuardian as the perfect fit solution for this client's project.

Patsev explained some of the reasons his company chose the NetGuardians for their next project. "I think the NetGuardian is all around a great product. I like the way its setup - very detailed," he said. "It's definitely one of the top products to consider."

After making the decision to go with NetGuardians, Patsev still needed to understand its multitude of features, functions and configuration options.

"The NetGuardian would be one of the products that we would definitely look at in other projects..."

Learning the Many Capabilities of NetGuardian Remotes...
To maximize his opportunity to work with DPS equipment, Patsev decided to attend a hands-on training event held at DPS Headquarters. The training event was taught by actual DPS technicians who helped develop the product line. Patsev had one very important application he needed to learn while at training. "I wanted to get information on how I could configure the NetGuardian for SNMP. I now have that, so I am good," said Patsev on his final day of training. During his four days at DPS, Patsev also learned about the T/Mon NOC, ASCII, and he spent a full day in NetGuardian training.

Visions of DPS Solutions In The Future...
While accomplishing his goal of learning about SNMP, Patsev also learned new applications for the NetGuardian and was exposed to the T/Mon NOC alarm master for the first time. "I learned a lot about the NetGuardian, as well as other things that DPS products can do," he said. "The T/Mon was definitely a new experience for me." Becoming familiar with the DPS solutions, Patsev said the information he received from class would help his company with its equipment recommendations for other clients. "The NetGuardian would be one of the products that we would definitely look at in other projects."

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