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NetGuardian Product Family Offers Critical Remote Provisioning Capability

The ideal monitoring solution for many of today's telecommunication companies, both large and small, is the NetGuardian and its family of products. The NetGuardian is one of the premier RTU's on the market because of its reliability, capacity, and diversity. NetGuardians offer a variety of methods of network monitoring, including visual live-streaming video, building access control, alarm expansion capacity units, remote provisioning, and a variety of notification methods. Whether it's the full-featured NetGuardian 832A, the heavy duty NetGuardian 480 or the economical NetGuardian 216, they all provide the most effective solution for your remote monitoring needs.

Web-browser Interface utilizes Remote Provisioning feature

One common feature among all NetGuardians is the built-in web browser interface. A browser interface allows you to log in directly to the remote unit that is providing the alarm messages to your NOC. Web browser access also allows for effective remote provisioning.

Remote Provisioning cuts down unnecessary Windshield time

Remote browser access is ideal for remote provisioning your monitoring gear. The need to re-provision equipment to restore communications is a frequent occurrence, especially at distant locations that are often difficult to reach and costly to service.The more you can control your equipment remotely, the less windshield time you'll have to suffer through. Remote provisioning provides on-screen visibility into remote customer networks to manage and control all monitored equipment. Many of the problems found can be corrected remotely, thus avoiding costly physical site visits. When on-site service is required, technicians arrive with the information they need to take quick corrective action, reducing response time and maintenance costs.

Remote Provisioning configuration remains secure at all times.

Remote provisioning of the NetGuardian can easily be accomplished using any web browser or generic TTY terminal. This can be done on site, using the front panel craft port, or remotely via LAN (TELNET) or dial-up modem. The entire configuration is saved on the NetGuardian, where it remains secure through power outages in non-volatile RAM. The NetGuardian's ability to support remote provisioning via LAN allows you to administer your database, and make changes whenever necessary, directly from your NOC.

Windows-based utility provides a Single, Comprehensive Interface

The NetGuardian also includes a Windows-based utility that provides a single, uniform interface for all of the NetGuardian's functions. Field technicians can provision alarms, view the status of alarm points, turn control relays on and off, analyze communication traffic between the NetGuardian and its alarm collection master, and load firmware upgrades by merely plugging a PC into the craft port on the NetGuardian's front panel.

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