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Small-Site RTUs

Sometimes you don't need the full capabilities of a NetGuardian. Your application would be better served by a remote telemetry unit with fewer features. We specifically designed thse solutions for clients that had small-capacity sites requiring fewer inputs and outputs:


  • 4 discretes
  • 2 analogs.
  • 2 controls
  • SNMP / LAN.


  • 9 discretes
  • 4 D-wire sensor inputs.
  • 1-3 controls
  • SNMP / LAN.

NetGuardian M16

  • 16 discretes
  • 2 D-wire sensor inputs.
  • 2-4 controls
  • SNMP / LAN

Clearly if these capacities are less than you need, we have a wide variety of larger-capacity remote telemetry units. NetGuardian RTUs are available in various ordering configurations. Some can be ordered with up to eighty digital inputs. Others have ordering options for sixteen analog inputs. Some units can be built with up to forty relay outputs. Specific models have optional serial ports. Low-voltage (12 or 24Vdc) power supply outputs can be ordered on some platforms to provide a source for necessary analog sensors. Some models can be ordered with up to sixteen terminal server ports.

To help you select the RTU best suited for your application, we have engineers with over 30 years of experience designing and implementing monitoring and control solutions.

If none of these options seem to match the specific set of inputs and/or outputs you are looking for, please call or email us at your convenience. These units were designed for specific client appliations and your request may well form the basis for our next smaller-capacity remote telemetry unit (RTU).