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The new T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System puts control over your alarms directly into your hands. T/Mon SLIM is a new model of the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System, scaled to the needs of small, local and regional networks.

NetGuardian 16-S

NetGuardian 16-S

With 16 serial ports, integrated local audiovisual notification, two separate NICs, powerful alarm collection and versatile alarm reporting via SNMP Trap, email and pager, the NetGuardian-16S can handle any alarm monitoring need

KDA 832-T8

Remote Alarm Block (RAB)

The Remote Alarm Block is an extremely compact alarm collection remote with 176 alarm points and 4 controls (2 Form A and 2 Form C), combining the functions of an alarm block and an RTU in the smallest possible space. The RAB is the optimum combination of large capacity and versatile configuration in a small physical profile, making it the ideal solution for any site with many alarm points and limited rack space.

Advanced Telemetry System

Advanced Telemetry System (ATS)

The Advanced Telemetry System is a comprehensive network monitoring solution providing best-of-class network visibility in a flexible, scalable framework. The ATS can be scaled to meet your exact network monitoring needs. There's an ATS card to monitor every element of your network-discrete alarms, analog alarms, and control relays.

RTUs for Small Sites RTUs for Medium Sites RTUs for Large Sites

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