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Superior Analog Input Monitoring with the NetGuardian 12A

NetGuardian 12A
Monitor critical analog conditions at your remote sites with the NetGuardian 12A.

With support for 12 user-configurable analog alarms (via pluggable connectors), the NetGuardian 12A is a perfect-fit for sites with a need for analog inputs. With more analog inputs than many other RTUs, and less than higher-capacity devices (like the NetGuardian 16A) that might be overkill, this device fits right in the middle. The NetGuardian 12A allows you to monitor up to 12 analog conditions (temperature, battery voltage, etc.).

The NetGuardian 12A can be provisioned and managed using the device's web interface. Right from your desk using your favorite web browser, you can easily monitor all of your analog alarms. This device also grants you the capability to ping up to 16 LAN-based devices and report these alarms if the ping attempt fails.

Features of the NetGuardian 12A...

  • 12 live analog inputs
  • Dual -48 VDC wide range power input (-40 to -56 VDC)
  • Supports SNMP v1 and v2c
  • Easily mounted in a 19" or 23" rack
  • Sensor power supply
  • Front panel LEDs for visual notification

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

NetGuardian 12A
NetGuardian 12A back panel - features optional sensor power supply and 12 analog inputs.
Full Specifications
Analogs: 12 user-definable.
Clock: Real-time.
Interfaces: 1 10/100BaseT LAN port.
12 4-pin Analog connectors.
1 USB Craft port.
Power Input: Dual -48 VDC.
Fuse: 3/4 Amp GMT.
Visual Interface: 15 Front panel LEDs.
5 Back panel LEDs.
Mounting: 19" or 23" rack.
Rack Space: 1 RU.
Operating Temperature: 32 - 140 degrees F (0 - 60 degrees C).
Operating Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing.
RoHS: 5/6.

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