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Use These 5 NetGuardian RTUs to Monitor Network Infrastructure

Between rising consumer demands for reliability and the hefty penalties when you violate SLAs, it's becoming increasingly more essential for you to take additional steps to guarantee your uptime.

Improvements in the service you provide to your clients (even small ones), can give you a competitive advantage that puts you ahead - potentially resulting in dramatic gains. Remote monitoring equipment provides this visibility over the status of networking equipment - meaning you get advanced notification of crippling problems BEFORE they cause an outage.

Remote Monitoring Architecture
With an RTU at remote sites, you'll gain visibility over third-party equipment, power status, IT infrastructure, and environmental conditions.

5 RTUs You Can Deploy at Remote Sites...
Not every remote monitoring project needs the same equipment, so here are 5 different RTUs for your sites:

NetGuardian 832A
  1. NetGuardian 832A G5 (View Product Page)
    This high-capacity RTU provides 32 discrete points, 8 analog alarms, 8 control relays, and 8 serial ports and reports alarms via SNMP v3. This device also comes with many connectivity & power features (such as 10/100BaseT Ethernet switch, SFP fiber interface, or external sensor power supply) - making it a great choice for your larger sites.

    NetGuardian 420
  2. NetGuardian 420 (View Product Page)
    Built on the time-tested and feature-rich design of the NetGuardian 832A, this RTU provides a lot of the same functionality, but with smaller capacity. With 20 discrete points, up to 6 analog channels, and 4 serial ports, this RTU is a great choice for sites where the NetGuardian 832A might be overkill.

    NetGuardian V16 G2
  3. NetGuardian V16 G2 (View Product Page)
    This RTU provides a lower capacity (16 discrete points), but comes with a contemporary set of features - like voice alerts, a cellular reporting capabilities, and enhanced security features (like SNMP v3, RADIUS authentication, and SSL encryption).

    NetGuardian 480
  4. NetGuardian 480 (View Product Page)
    This high-capacity, discrete-only RTU is designed to provide maximum coverage with up to 8 discrete alarm points. This RTU is ideal when you need a ton of alarm points (and a few relay outputs), but don't want any of the extra features on the NetGuardian 832A G5.

    NetGuardian LT G2
  5. NetGuardian LT G2 (View Product Page)
    Sometimes you have a site where you only realistically need to monitor a small handful of points. That's where a small RTU like the NetGuardian LT G2 shines - with only 4 discrete points, an optional relay, and voice notifications, this RTU is great for your smaller sites. This device also features a build option that allows you to report alarms using your GSM/GPRS or CDMA cellular network.

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