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New Software Tool, Analogger, Captures NetGuardian Data for ODCB Database Trend Analysis

Attention NetGuardian Owners

Analogger - Captures NetGuardian Data for ODCB Database Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is one of the most powerful tools a network manager can have. Examining network data over time can identify recurring conditions that you can't see by viewing alarm events in isolation. Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate and prevent problems before they occur, giving you true command of your network.

Now, the power of trend analysis has come to the NetGuardian with Analogger. This new software tool captures data from your NetGuardian analog alarm inputs to an ODBC database.

Use Excel to Chart Alarm Data

Alarm databases created by Analogger can be queried by any standard ODBC client, including Microsoft Excel, FoxPro, and MySQL. Analogger data can be easily converted into charts and graphs for clear visualization and presentation of network activity.

Use the Analogger to track battery level fluctuations, temperature variations, humidity levels, and any other variable monitored by your NetGuardian's analog inputs.

The Analogger also provides IP ping and SNMP poll diagnostic tools, to verify that NetGuardian units are online and responding.

Once you try the Analogger, you'll be convinced it's an essential network analysis tool. So we're providing a free demo. The demo version of the Analogger is functional for 30 days, to give you a complete preview of the Analogger's powerful abilities.