3rd Party Equipment

This is list/introduction to some of the various 3rd party equipment that can be monitored, or controlled with DPS Telecom equipment. The list includes switches, discrete, control and analog RTU's (Remote Telemetry Units) and PBS's (Private Branch Exchange).

Why You Must Monitor Switches

If you are a service provider, your telecom switch is one of the most important parts of your business infrastructure. If your switch fails, your revenue-generating processes simply can't happen. This is why monitoring your telecom switches is of critical importance.

How You Can Monitor Your Legacy RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units) with an Advanced Modern Master

If you are have a group of legacy RTUs in your network, you need to consider finding a modern master that is compatible with their older protocol. This gives you reliability in the present and a migration path for the future - without an expensive swapout of your old RTUs. You can keep using your legacy RTUs for as long as they continue to perform.

Why Monitor Your PBX

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the private telephone system used within an organization. With so many critical operations depending on the PBX, you must deploy an advanced monitoring solution.


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Discrete, Control, and Analog RTU's (Remote Telemetry Units)

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Modbus RS485/RS232 Protocol Data Flow

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