Why You Must Monitor Your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Against Network Threats

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the private telephone system used within an organization. With so many critical operations depending on the PBX, you must deploy an advanced monitoring solution.

Reduce Your PBX Downtime With Alarm Monitoring

Your PBX is in heavy use every minute of your operational hours. It provides you with paging abilities, conferencing, outside communications, and many other important features that your employees depend on. If your PBX goes down, so does your company's productivity. This is why it is so critical to reduce downtime by monitoring your PBX.

PBX systems are designed to save you money by leveraging a reduced number of phone lines to provide everyone in your company their own extension. This eliminates the need for many additional phone lines and expensive installations by telephone company technicians. However, by acting as your own internal telephone company, you must also your own PBX repairs.

Prevent Productivity Losses by Monitoring Your PBX and Other Equipment

Without network alarm monitoring, you can end up spending your savings on lengthy repair operations and system downtime. With the PBX offline, your employees can't do their jobs effectively, which eats away at profits. By identifying problems immediately using email and pager alerts of network alarms, you can minimize downtime losses.

Your alarm master should provide you with instant alarm notifications with specific location and repair details. By instantly notifying you of the location and repair procedure for PBX or equipment errors, your master will enable you to effectively dispatch your network technicians with instructions on exactly what to do to get your PBX back online.

Advanced Masters Provide for PBX Alarm Point Grouping

An advanced alarm master can group these PBX alarm notifications into categories based on your specifications. You can view your alarms in a convenient, single-window browser view, which will list alarms by location, severity, or any other criteria of your choosing. This will help you dispatch technicians to your PBX site in the most cost-efficient manner.

One such advanced alarm master is the T/Mon LNX. The T/Mon monitoring platform can support your PBX and other important devices of up to 25 different protocols. This will give you the visibility you need to maximize the efficiency of repair operations, and minimize the costs of operating your PBX system.

Make T/Mon Your PBX Monitoring Master

With T/Mon's automatic pager and email notifications, you will know all the relevant details to each and every PBX error. Your technicians will be able to quickly respond to PBX notifications and other grouped alarms to effectively protect your network.

T/Mon will also keep historical logs of all network problems, accurately time and date stamping each PBX alarm. This will allow you to troubleshoot persistent problems, and make necessary changes before you experience costly downtime.

Monitoring Your PBX Gives Your Peace of Mind

With advanced alarm monitoring, you will have the peace of mind that your PBX will consistently provide you with the switching capabilities you need for your daily operations. Don't wait until you encounter a major problem. Deploy advanced monitoring and prevent problems before they happen.

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