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DrSCADA Intelligate: A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Remote Telemetry Unit for Remote Monitoring

The DrSCADA Intelligate remote is an example of a Discrete, Control, or Analog RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit).

Maximize DrSCADA Intelligate Monitoring With a Modern Alarm Master.
Your DrSCADA Intelligate remote terminal units are an important link between your legacy modern network elements and your network alarm monitoring system. To get the most visibility out of your DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units), you need a modern alarm master.

Find a Modern Master Compatible with Your DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs.
With a modern alarm master, you will be able to better monitor your legacy equipment, as well as modern equipment you will purchase as your network grows. By finding a master that is compatible with DrSCADA Intelligate and modern protocol devices, you will be able to bring alarms from all of your network equipment into a single master browser window.

An advanced master makes monitoring convenient by pulling all of your DrSCADA Intelligate and other alarms into one workstation browser window. This will save you money by eliminating the need for additional system masters, workstations, and operators. With all of these savings, you'll also enjoy better network visibility and responsiveness to network problems.

Receive Automatic DrSCADA Intelligate Alarm Notifications.
By deploying an advanced SCADA master with your existing DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs, you will enjoy convenient features such as automatic alarm notifications via pager or email. Instead of polling your network to troubleshoot problems, your modern master will provide you with an update every time you there is a problem with your DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs or other network devices.

These automatic notifications will include location details, as well as instructions for repairing your network. This will enable your technicians to quickly and effectively repair your network problems, getting you back online and generating revenues faster than ever before.

Use T/Mon NOC to Leverage the Multi-Protocol Support of DrSCADA Intelligate.
The DrSCADA Intelligate RTU is designed to serve as a link between your older fixed protocol devices and your system master. The T/Mon NOC is an advanced SCADA master than can interpret alarm messages from DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs, as well as other legacy devices, and modern monitoring gear. With T/Mon NOC, you can leverage the multi-protocol support of the DrSCADA Intelligate with a modern master that can also support over 25 protocols.

T/Mon can interpret these protocols to generate automatic alarm notifications, providing your technicians with the details they need to repair your network. These alarms can be programmed to follow your scheduling, sending notifications of DrSCADA Intelligate and other alarms to whatever technicians are on duty at the time of the alarm event. This will prevent nuisance notifications to technicians who are out of area or off duty.

Monitoring your DrSCADA Intelligate remotes and other RTUs with the most advanced SCADA masters will provide you with the visibility you need to effectively monitor your network. Maximize the features of your DrSCADA Intelligate RTUs, and deploy a T/Mon NOC master.

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