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Badger 481 RTUs: Upgrade Strategies and Tools

The Badger 481 is an example of Discrete, Analog and Control RTUs

Your Badger 481 Remote Telemtry Units (RTUs) are an important part of your network monitoring. You can make these remotes even more effective in meeting your visibility needs by integrating your Badger 481 RTUs into an advanced alarm monitoring master station.

Migration Allows Gradual Replacement of Badger 481 RTUs

While you may want to upgrade your network monitoring system with more modern equipment, you may not have the budget to do so. A gradual migration process allows you to replace your Badger 481 RTUs as you can afford to do so, while maintaining complete visibility of your network during the transition.

The first step of a gradual migration of your Badger 481 system to a more modern monitoring system is to replace your system master. A more modern master will be able to bring in alarms from your Badger 481 remotes, or modern remotes as you can afford to purchase them. This allows you to use your existing Badger 481 RTUs as long as you need to.

Maintain Visibility While Swapping Modern Remotes for Your Badger 481 Remotes

The second step of the migration process is to replace your individual Badger 481 remotes. As you can afford to purchase advanced remotes, you will simply swap them for your legacy remotes. Because your modern master will be able to interpret alarms from both the new remotes and the Badger 481 remotes, you will be able to maintain your monitoring system while gradually moving to more modern equipment and protocols.

Your modern master will allow you to use all of the features of your Badger 481 RTU. The wire-wrap inputs will enable you to connect the Badger 481 to your new system master. Once connected, you will be able to use the Badger 481's 16 or 32 contact closures to monitor door openings and other office alarms.

You will also be able to use the Badger 481's 16 analog alarms points for monitoring environmental variables, including temperature and power. With configurable upper and lowers thresholds, your Badger 481 can report alarms to your advanced master, activating the optional 8 or 16 control relays to automatically adjust environmental conditions or other variables.

When making a transition to an advanced master, network operators must be aware that all system masters are not equal, and most are not capable of receiving alarms in proprietary protocols. The Badger 481 device reports alarms uses one such proprietary protocols. If you are seeking an advanced master for a controlled migration to more modern equipment, you need a master that can communicate in this protocol.

T/Mon Can Interpret Alarms From Proprietary Protocols, Including Badger 481

The T/Mon is one advanced alarm master that can interpret many proprietary protocols, including Badger 481. With T/Mon, you can pull alarms from advanced remotes and legacy RTUs such as the Badger 481 right into your alarm master browser.

T/Mon combines alarms from all of your different protocol devices into a single, convenient master window. With the ability to communicate in over 25 protocols, T/Mon will provide you will the network visibility you need. T/Mon also provides for advanced alarm notification, pulling data from the alarm points monitored by your Badger 481 RTUs and other devices.

These advanced alarm notifications come in the form of automatic pager or email notifications. You can program receipt of these notifications to coordinate with your technicians schedules, giving the proper tech the proper alarm notifications instantly. T/Mon's alarm messages also provide technicians with location details and repair instructions, enabling them to quickly repair devices monitored by your Badger 481 or other RTUs.

T/Mon also provides for alarm point grouping, categorizing your alarms by user-specified criteria such as severity or location. With this automatic categorization, you will be able to effectively dispatch your technicians to minimize your network downtime.

Visibility You Need with T/Mon and Badger 481 Remotes

With T/Mon, you will be able to interpret alarms from your Badger 481 remotes, applying modern monitoring benefits to your legacy system without performing a forklift swapout. This will give you the visibility you need, with the advanced alarm monitoring features that make doing your job easier.

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