The Monitoring Functions And Benefits Of The Larse 1200 RTUs

The Larse 1200 is an example of a Discrete, Control, or Analog RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit)

Streamline Your Analog Monitoring with Advanced Master for Your Larse 1200 RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units)
The Larse 1200 may be your company's tool for monitoring analog values such as temperature and power. With these levels being so critical to your operations, can you afford to use an outdated legacy master with your Larse 1200 RTUs?

Enjoy Modern Monitoring Functions While Maintaing Your Larse 1200 RTUs
The alarm master is perhaps the most important part of your monitoring system, as are your Larse 1200 remotes. If you want to leverage the functionality of these remotes to enjoy the feature of more modern alarm monitoring systems, you may want to consider integrating your Larse 1200 devices into an advanced system master.

You can gradually migrate to more modern equipment and protocols using an advanced alarm master. By gradually migrating to a modern system, you will be able to utilize your Larse 1200 remotes until you can afford to replace them. With their alarm data feeding into an advanced system master, you will be able to use the functions of an advanced monitoring system with your Larse 1200 remotes.

Receive Automatic Pager and Email Larse 1200 Alarm Notifications
An advanced system master will provide you automatic alarm notifications of the alarm data received from your Larse 1200 and other remotes. These instantaneous pager and email messages will provide your technicians with all the relevant details they need, including the locations of problem devices, as specific repair instructions. These features save you money by speeding repair times, and reducing network downtime.

Once you have deployed a modern master to enjoy these features, you can gradually replace your Larse 1200 RTUs with advanced remotes as you can afford to do so. By selecting a master that can interpret alarms from your Larse 1200 remotes and your modern equipment, you will be able maintain visibility of your entire network, even when you are developing your monitoring system.

Larse 1200 Has 32 Contact Closes, 16 Analog Inputs, and Optional Control Relays
These advanced masters will allow you to utilize all of the features of the Larse 1200, including interpreting alarms from 32 contact closures and 16 analog inputs. With an advanced system master, you can program instant responses to certain combinations of Larse 1200 alarms using the optional 8 or 16 control relays. Make the most of your Larse 1200 remotes, and deploy an advanced master to give you the most network visibility.

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