How To Remotely Monitor Your Nortel DMS-10

The Nortel DMS-10 is an example of a Telecom Switch

Maintain Your Office Operations by Monitoring Your Nortel DMS-10
While the DMS-10 enables your company to grow without having to replace your network equipment, your DMS-10 and other devices may fail if left unmonitored. Network alarm monitoring allows you to protect mission-critical devices, including the DMS-10 switch, by alerting you any time there is a communications or other failure.

Protect Your Investment by Monitoring your DMS-10 Device
DPS clients have found success in monitoring their DMS-10 devices using the T/Mon NOC network alarm monitoring master. The T/Mon is an advanced unit that provides for pager and email alarm notification, letting your network operator and appropriate field technicians know immediately when there is a problem in your network.

These alarm notifications give you specific details about errors with your network equipment. If your DMS-10 device has a problem, whether minor or critical, the T/Mon will instantly notify a technician. This notification will include specific repair instructions, enabling your staff to bring your DMS-10 back online as quickly as possible.

DMS-10 Provides Small Sites With Switching Applications
The Nortel DMS-10 is a carrier class switching platform used at central office locations. The DMS-10 switch is designed for sites with small to medium switching application needs.

The DMS-10 can support up to 20,000 different lines. The DMS-10 also provides users with an array of functions, including basic dial tone services and advanced voice and data networking.

Transition to VoIP Communications with DMS-10
The DMS-10 can be configured in a number of different ways, suitable to a variety of system architectures. It is also scaled to enable small Nortel clients to grow without having to frequently replace their equipment. With two different VoIP paths, the DMS-10 also provides for a smooth transition to more advanced communications equipment.

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