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Nortel DMS-GSP Telecom Switch with Remote Monitoring and Control; Protect Equipment and Maximize System Uptime

The Nortel DMS-GSP is an example of a Telecom Switch

Protect Nortel DMS-GSP Uptime with Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control

No matter how reliable your mission-critical communications equipment, careful monitoring is important to keeping your system online. Monitoring the DMS-GSP with a quality Master Alarm System, you will be able to minimize network downtime by expediting troubleshooting and repair of your DMS-GSP and other similar equipment.

Email and Pager Alerts Let You Know Instantly When Your DMS-GSP is Down

Advanced alarm monitoring systems provide you with peace of mind, letting network operators know of any network problems immediately. An advanced alarm master will receive an alarm input from your DMS-GSP, and immediately send an instant, automatic notification to you and your network technicians. This pager or email alert will include the DMS-GSP device's location, as well as repair instructions to expedite the repair process.

With these advanced alarm masters, network operators can view all of these network alarms in a single browser window. This gives you constant visibility of the connectivity of your DMS-GSP and other network devices. Your DMS-GSP alarms can be automatically directed into user-defined categories, grouping alarm points by location, severity, or other criteria.

Increased DMS-GSP Visibility Will Save You Money

The increased visibility you'll have into your DMS-GSP status will help you to reduce your network downtime and associated lost revenues. Investing in a monitoring system for your DMS-GSP will help you get the longest life from it and your other network devices.

Provide International Communications Service with DMS-GSP

The Nortel DMS-GSP (Global Services Platform) is a switch used for international telecommunications. The DMS-GSP provides for many applications by combining interexchange services, gateway functionality, an Intelligent Network, and PBX access in a just one switch.

Use DMS-GSP To Provide Global Service

The DMS-GSP is designed to allow global carriers to provide consistent communication services in many countries. The DMS-GSP can also be used by North American carriers to enter global markets, or even expand their services within their national market.

Developing using reliable DMS technology, the DMS-GSP helps service providers make a smooth and time-efficient transition to IP/ATM networks. These systems are designed to be easily deployed, and developed to meet the needs of individual users.

DMS-GSP Supported in Over 150 Countries

The DMS-GPS has support in over 150 countries. It is completely certified in the 20 highest-ranking global markets, proving that the DMS-GPS provides reliable results for global communications providers.

To maintain a solid bottom line, you must deploy an advanced alarm monitoring system. If your DMS system fails, there is no guarantee that its internal monitoring system will be functioning. An external monitoring system remedies this problem. DPS Telecom's NetGuardian RTUs provide reliable external monitoring, independent of the monitoring system already present in the DMS system. By getting your DMS-100/200 back online quickly, you will reduce network downtime at your company, protecting your clients' communication services and your revenue.

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