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How to Monitor and Control Your Nortel DMS 100/200 Switches

Your telecom switch (including DMS 100, DMS 200, or - more likely as time progresses - your softswitch) is a critical piece of equipment. You - and your customers - depend on that device staying online 7x24x365.

That's what makes remote monitoring of that device so critical.

You'll lose customers if you can't keep your DMS 100/200 online

Your DMS is mission-critical. If it fails, a massive number of your users and customers are impacted. Now more than every, those customers can switch to a more reliable provider if you can't keep up.

Remote site monitoring will reduce or eliminate business-killing system failures, keeping your uptime near 100%.

You'll be able to view your system status from your smartphone or within your NOC center. This will enable you and your team to react quickly when there's a problem.

Get notified immediately when something goes wrong

There was a time when you had to be stuck at your desk to see alarms from your DMS telecom switch and other devices. That's not true anymore.

Now, you can send emails to any address, SMS texts to your smartphone, or even a voice call when something is an emergency.

Compare this to first hearing about a problem from your angry customers.

Your techs will understand immediately from clear instructions. They'll know what to do, how urgent it is, and what parts to take to complete the job in one visit.

Network monitoring will improve your DMS reliability

By keeping your switch infrastructure online, your customers will love you. That will help you keep them and even gain new ones.

To achieve this, it's critical that you choose a top-quality remote monitoring system. T/Mon LNX is an advanced alarm master that will pay for itself by protecting your revenue-generating uptime.

The Digital Multiplex System (DMS) from Nortel is an example of a Telecom Switch

DMS-100/200 Provides Reliability With Digital System

The Nortel DMS 100 200 is used by local telecommunications service providers. The DMS-100/200 is a totally digital, reliable, high-quality local voice exchange

Large metropolitan business districts, corporations, and local carriers use the DMS-100/200 worldwide to serve their clients with telecommunications services.

Both Nortel DMS-100 and 200 switches can support up to 135,000 lines to remote locations as far as 650 miles away. This allows users to leverage the DMS 100 switch to generate revenues from providing a host of services, from basic telephone service to megabit data access.

Your DMS-100/200 Grows Along With Your Business

You can provide for network growth with the DMS-100/200. The versatile DMS-100/200 software allows users to add extra lines, trunks, and features as needed.

Service providers can use the flexibility of the DMS-100/200 to provide local telephone service. Small businesses can even use these advanced data transmission applications within their own buildings.

To Ensure Your DMS-100/200 Operation, You Need a Monitoring System

With so many of your important actions depending on your DMS-100/200 device, you must be certain that it and your other vital gear is operating properly at all times. To gain this assurance, you need to deploy an advanced network alarm monitoring system.

No matter how reliable you think your mission-critical communications equipment is, careful monitoring is important to keep your system online. Monitoring the Nortel DMS switches with a quality Master Alarm System, you will be able to minimize network downtime by expediting troubleshooting and repair of your DMS-100/200 and other similar equipment.

Your monitoring system will alert you promptly of all network problems. When your master collects an alarm from your Nortel DMS 100 switch, you will be instantly notified via page or email. With these alerts, you can quickly dispatch a tech to the site and provide them with single repair instructions.

Get Your DMS-100/200 Back Online Quickly with Alarm Monitoring

To maintain a solid bottom line, you must deploy an advanced alarm monitoring system. If your DMS switch system fails, there is no guarantee that its internal monitoring system will be working. An external monitoring system fixes this problem.

DPS Telecom's NetGuardian RTUs provide reliable external monitoring, independent of the monitoring system already present in the DMS system. By getting your DMS-100 switch back online quickly, you will reduce network downtime at your company, protecting your clients' communication services and your revenue.

Do You Want to Know More About Monitoring Your Managed Switch?

Switch monitoring is very important to keep your network system up and running as it should. However, there is very little useful information available out there about choosing an effective switch monitoring system.

The Telecom Switch Monitoring White Paper provides a thorough summary of what you need to know about switch monitoring in a quick and easy-to-read format. It also contains case studies of real-world professionals within the telecom industry. These studies highlight the successful deployments of monitoring systems and the essential role of switch monitoring in real-world networks.

Download the Telecom Switch Monitoring White Paper and learn how to choose the right equipment, protect your revenue, cut costs, and get back to your other important job responsibilities. Monitoring isn't your only job, after all.

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