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Remote Monitor and Control Your SanteraOne RS Switch

With the SanteraOne RS, you can provide voice and data switching as well as Voice over Broadband services in a single service platform. The SanteraOne RS includes the capabilities of the SanteraOne at a scale that is suitable for smaller operating companies. Using the hardware and software of the original SanteraOnel, the SanteraOne RS can also expand to meet the demands of your growing network.

As a carrier-grade class5 switch, the SanteraOne RS switch provides a host of service capabilities for users. With the SanteraOne RS, service providers can support local number probabilities, call waiting and blocking, automatic redial and billing.

SanteraOne RS Switch Remote Monitoring Protection

Your SanteraOne RS switch is or soon will be a critically important part of your network architecture. With your company revenue depending on the SanteraOne RS and other network equipment, a remote alarm monitoring and control system is critical.

Monitoring the SanteraOne RS operating environment is an important first step in protecting this valuable platform. Providing remote control of secondary environmental systems could offer an additional layer of protection should primary environmental controls fail.

Monitoring Protects Customer Communications

Network alarm monitoring systems allow you to protect your voice and data communications by providing constant visibility to the connectivity and status of your SanteraOne RS and other equipment. Advanced alarm monitoring systems will instantly notify you if your SanteraOne RS is not performing properly. This enables you to quickly dispatch a technician to correct the condition before it becomes a client-affecting outage.

With automatic alarm and pager notifications your technicians will know the specific location of network problems. They will also have access to a complete set of instructions, guiding them in the repair and restoration process. This will drastically reduce repair times and get your SanteraOne RS back online faster.

Monitored Network Reliability Attracts New Customers

Network alarm monitoring systems give operators added peace of mind by providing for consistent network uptime and easy troubleshooting. By helping you prevent network downtime or outages, monitoring can help maintain the level of service that will set you apart from your competitors.

Remember Network Alarm Monitoring With Your SanteraOne RS

When deploying a SanteraOne RS switch, don't forget your remote alarm monitoring and control infrastructure. To protect your investment in powerful new switching equipment, you need to protect it with network alarm monitoring.

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