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RTU Solutions List: NetGuardian 832A

Cordell SNMP Manager Monitoring NetGuardian RTUs
The NetGuardian is an intelligent alarm remote that will be able to monitor the discrete contacts from your softtswitch boxes and report those alarms via SNMP over IP to your Cordell SNMP Manager.

SNMPc SNMP Manager Monitoring NetGuardian Remotes
The NetGuardian will be the perfect solution to monitoring your discrete and analog alarms and sending those alarms via SNMP over IP to your SNMPc Manager.

Monitor Battery Voltages and Temperatures with the NetGuardian 216
This application features a single NetGuardian 216 along with the Temperature Sensor with Probe. The NetGuardian 216 will use the Temperature Sensor with Probe to monitor your large scale batteries. It will be able to report alarms via SNMP over IP to your SNMP Manager.

Use WhatsUp Gold to Monitor Your Head End Sites with NetGuardians
This solution features the NetGuardian G4 along with the NetGuardian 480 DX Expansion Chassis as your monitoring solution for your large head end site and the NetGuardian 216 for monitoring at your smaller head sites.

Use Harris NetBoss to Monitor NetGuardians over SNMP
The NetGuardian 480 will be able to collect up to 80 TL1 type alarms while the NetGuardian G4 will be able to collect up to 32 discrete and 8 analogs. All the RTU's will be able to send those alarms via SNMP over IP to your Harris NetBoss Master Station.

Monitor Your Nortel Meridian and NetGuardians with a Solarwinds SNMP Manager
This solution features the T/Mon SLIM serving as a Main HUB between the locally deployed NetGuardian G5 units and your Solarwinds SNMP Manager.

Use Your Harris NetBoss Manager (SNMP) to Monitor NetGuardian Alarms
This solution features the NetGuardian G5 to monitor alarms at your sites. It will be able to report alarms as SNMP traps via LAN to your NetBoss Manager.

Send SNMP Traps to Your Castle Rock SNMP Manager With The Robust NetGuardian 216...
The NetGuardian included in this proposal feature dual -48VDC power inputs and they will be able to report SNMP over IP to your Castle Rock SNMP Manager.

Replace Outdated Badger and Dantel Remotes With The Advanced Monitoring of T/Mon and NetGuardian RTUs...
This solution provides redundancy, eliminates outdated Badger management platforms, and increases your monitoring reliability by replacing all your remotes with contemporary alarm remotes.

Monitor Radios, Beacon Controller, & Antenna Controllers with SolarWinds and the NetGuardian
The NetGuardian 832A will be the perfect solution to monitoring your remote locations and reporting those alarms via SNMP over ethernet to your SolarWinds SNMP Manager.

Intermapper and Castle Rock SNMP Managers can Monitor NetGuardians
The NetGuardians in this solution can be monitored with your deployed SNMP Manager, including Intermapper or Castle Rock.

Monitor Generators, Temperature, Humidty and Intrusion Alarms With The NetGuardian 832A G4...
This application features the NetGuardian G4 as your generator monitoring solution. It will be able to monitor your generator, temperature/humidity, door intrusion and report those alarms via SMS text to your cell phone and/or e-mail to your BlackBerry PDA.

Use Your Telenium Master to Poll NetGuardian RTUs
In this solution, the DPS Telecom RTU will have the ability to take your environmental alarms and send out SNMP alarms over LAN to your Telenium Master.

Use Your DNA Master to Monitor NetGuardian RTUs
This proposal features a NetGuardian 832A G2 with DCPe protocol and -48VDC, polled by a DNA master.

Achieve Private Network Monitoring and Reporting With This T/Mon and NetGuardian Configuration...
Our solution provides both Private Network / Site Monitoring and Central Monitoring & Reporting. For first few sites besides the central site (sites 2-5 in this example) will be monitored

NetCool can Collect SNMP Traps from NetGuardians over Dial-Up PPP
You need a monitoring solution that will be able to dial out to your NetCool master station. That's why we've designed NetGuardian G4-C's for your remote sites.

Castle Rock SNMP Manager Monitoring NetGuardians over IP or PPP
This NetGuardian application allows you to report SNMP alarms to your existing CastleRock manager over a phone connection.

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, and Water with Analog Sensors and NetGuardian RTUs
Analog or discrete water sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors will allow you to monitor critical environmental levels at your remote network sites.

Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SNMP Manager collecting traps from a NetGuardian 832A G5
The NetGuardian 832A G5 can report SNMP traps (v1, v2c, or v3) to your Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SNMP Manager. This application gives you the advantages of a modern, industry-standard protocol for alarm reporting and remote site control.

Use WhatsUp Gold to Collect SNMP Traps from NetGuardian RTUs
WhatsUp Gold can be used in conjunction with NetGuardian remotes (RTUs) to create an effective alarm monitoring system...

Supercharge your Dispatch Room with an Annunciation Panel and T/Mon NOC
DCM will use two serial connections, from the NetGuardian serial port and ultimately receive commands from the T/Mon NOC master station.

Establish Secure School Campus Access Control using the Building Access System
We have prepared this solution for school districts. The solution features a full Building Access System, featuring the T/Mon SLIM and NetGuardian 832A G4.

Gain Dense Discrete Alarm Point Coverage and Forward Alarms To Your SNMPC Manager....
This application provides a convenient way of alarm notification to your current SNMPc Manager.

Use Cisco Microwave Network Equipment to Report 66-Block Alarms to Your SNMP Manager
With it's ability to monitor 32 discrete alarms, support 8 controls and 8 relays, it can also serve as a stand alone RTU, with the ability to report alarms directly to you via email or text message.

Deploy Dual-Redundant and Regional Alarm Masters
This application encompasses small sites, regional masters, and Dual T/Mon Masters located at the head end. Each region would typically have between four to six NetGuardian G5s for monitoring environmental conditions which will report to the regional masters using DCP/UDP.

Monitor Generator Alarms, Battery Alarms, Intrusion Alarms, and High/Low Fueld Alarms
The NetGuardian G4 will be the perfect solution to monitoring your generator, battery, intrusion and low/high fuel alarms at your remote locations and reporting those alarms as an email message to your PC.