Deploy Dual-Redundant and Regional Alarm Masters

Deploy Dual-Redundant and Regional Alarm Masters
Deploy Dual-Redundant and Regional Alarm Masters - T/Mon NOC and T/Mon SLIM

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application encompasses small sites, regional masters, and Dual T/Mon Masters located at the head end.

Each region would typically have between four to six NetGuardian G5s for monitoring environmental conditions which will report to the regional masters using DCP/UDP. For the purposes of this application, we chose 6 sites as a representative number for the "typical site", however we will refresh this application to include a specific break down for each region once the site count requirements have been determined.

Both regional and central masters will be equipped with our latest generation of T/GFX which supports a MapPoint interface and centralized database storage.

The NetGuardian G5 RTUs featured in this application are our top of the line alarm remotes and will have Hardware Acceleration for HTTPS.

The regional masters will be our T/Mon SLIMs, each responsible for a group of NetGuardians. The T/Mon SLIM is limited to sixty-four NetGuardians and/or 10,000 alarm points. Each SLIM will come preloaded with the "Virtual NetGuardian Module" that will be developed specifically for this application to allow the central masters to better relate to the NetGuardian 832A remotes.

Located at the central locations will be the redundant T/Mon NOC Master Stations. These masters will responsible for monitoring the eight regional T/Mon SLIMs. Using the NRI module preloaded on each master station, the active master will ensure the secondary is kept up to date. In the event of a Master Station failure, the secondary master will be able to assume alarm monitoring from the regions. This will provide you with a formidable redundant architecture.

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