SolarWinds And The NetGuardian

Monitor Radios, Beacon Controller, & Antenna Controllers with SolarWinds and the NetGuardian
Monitor Radios, Beacon Controller, & Antenna Controllers with SolarWinds and the NetGuardian

Equipment Used:

  • Radios
  • Beacon Controllers
  • Antenna Controllers
  • SolarWinds Network Management
  • NetGuardian Remotes

How This Application Works:

This solution features eight (8) NetGuardian 832A G4's. We've included an additional for sparing purposes. We've also included several sensor options as well as alarm termination options to the NetGuardian 832A.

You can request a full technical overview that will list and explain the capabilities and features of each piece of equipment in this proposal.

The NetGuardian 832A will be the perfect solution to monitoring your remote locations and reporting those alarms via SNMP over ethernet to your SolarWinds SNMP Manager.

The NetGuardian G4 also comes equipped with a built in 33.6 modem. The built in 33.6 modem is a great way to get dial up access to this equipment should your primary transport fail and supports full PPP functionality. If your LAN connection is ever disrupted, the NetGuardian G4 will be able to dial into your ISP and re-establish the LAN connection. This function will prove usefulness time after time to your unmanned remote sites.

The NetGuardian offers a Web Browser interface for easy and convenient centralized alarm management and unit configuration via Web Browser that can run on any platform or operation system. This means if you get notified of an alarm away form your normal workstation you can go to the nearest computer (with internet access) and log onto the NetGuardian.

The user friendly interface allows complete access to all the functions of the unit and enables the user to quickly set up alarm point descriptions, view alarm status, issue controls, and configure paging information, as well as additional options.

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