Monitor Temperature, Humidity, And Water With Analog Sensors And NetGuardian RTUs

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, and Water with Analog Sensors and NetGuardian RTUs
Monitor Temperature, Humidity, and Water with Analog Sensors and NetGuardian RTUs

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

In this application, we would like to show you how our solution will best fit in with your current SNMP Manager in your new IP-based sites. This application features the full-featured NetGuardian 832A G5. The NetGuardian G5 features 8 analogs, 8 controls, and the ability to monitor 32 discrete alarms, and will be able to send those SNMP alarms (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3) to your SNMP Manager as well as send out an email notification.

Analog or discrete water sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors will allow you to monitor critical environmental levels at your remote network sites. This information is a vital part of monitoring systems at many companies in many industries, especially during times of natural disaster.

After reviewing the technical overview, application drawings and pricing, we think you will find our proposal will be the perfect fit for your network. We're confident DPS Telecom will be an excellent partner for you, particularly because we offer you a no-risk guarantee, a long-term client relationship commitment, and 24-hour emergency technical support, as well as other client services.

We strive to exceed your expectations through teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Temperature Sensor Tutorial

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