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Perfect Fit Alarm Monitoring

Perfect-Fit Alarm Monitoring: How to Get Exactly What You Need Without Spending More.

Many network managers assume that alarm monitoring equipment designed to meet their exact needs will cost them a fortune.

Fortunately, this isn't the case. If you work with the right partner, you can get the exact gear you need.

Learn the truth about perfect-fit solutions, and see how customized monitoring solutions deliver enhanced performance and actually save you money.

Executive Summary

Network alarm monitoring solutions that are designed specifically for individual clients are more effective and save money by reducing the amount of purchasing required to accomplish monitoring goals.

This white paper examines 3 key advantages of customization, 6 common myths about customized monitoring systems, and a real-life success story of a custom solution.

You'll also learn how one company's strategy of vertical integration has allowed it to create perfect-fit alarm monitoring solutions for its clients.

3 Key Advantages of Perfect-Fit Alarm Monitoring. 3
Case Study: Real-Life Tech Support Call. 4
Alarm Master Choice: T/Mon NOC. 5
The Legacy Masters Were Dying. 6
No-Risk Development. 7
DPS Telecom Sales Department. 8
Alarm Monitoring Myths. 9
6 Common Myths. 10
Custom Fit Solutions. 11
Detailed Consultations. 12
Custom Design for a Perfect Fit. 13
Client-Oriented engineers. 14
Custom Engineering to Meet Client Needs. 15
A Time-Tested Development Process. 16
the NetGuardian RTU Grows with your network. 17
An Agile Production Department. 18
Better Circuit Boards Through Automation. 19
An On-Site Metal Shop. 20
Multiple Checkpoints Ensure High Product Quality. 21
Brutal Testing That Pushes the Limits of New Products. 22
Tech Support. 23
Client Quotes. 24
More White Papers from DPS Telecom. 25

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