Alarm Monitoring Myths (Cont.)

6 Common Myths About Customized Alarm Monitoring


4. "If I have a problem with custom equipment, Tech Support won't know how to help"

Good monitoring vendors know that technical support after the sale is just as important as high-quality engineering before the sale. Support engineers should be involved in the custom design phase so that they can help clients in the future. Look for a company that has well-trained engineers to answer your support calls, not script-reading interns or (worse yet) voicemail. There is nobody better to support you than those who designed the equipment in the first place.

Turnaround Too Long

5. "The turnaround time for custom products is much too long"

By leveraging the power of vertical integration and modular designs, manufacturers can design, produce, and deliver your custom product in as little as a few months. Don't deny yourself the many benefits of customization just because you think the timeframe is too long. Find a vertically integrated manufacturer that accelerates the process by controlling every part of it.

Big Business

6. "I have to be a major equipment manufacturer or Fortune 500 company to qualify"

If you're a telecommunications provider with a reasonable number of remote sites, you deserve to get a custom solution just like name-brand OEM telecom manufacturers. You just have to find a company that is geared toward this type of business.

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