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Alarm Monitoring Myths

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6 Common Myths About Customized Alarm Monitoring

Customized monitoring solutions offer several clear benefits over mass-produced alternatives. You get exactly what you need and none of what you don't. Compatibility isn't a problem. Everything simply works.

Unfortunately, these advantages are often met with suspicion. Network managers tend to have a healthy dose of skepticism. "Where's the catch?" they wonder. In some cases, a bad experience with a low-quality vendor has made them doubt the quality of the whole industry

Considering this, it's no surprise that the following 6 myths have become quite common:

Crossed out dollar signs

1. "I have to pay huge fees for custom engineering"

If you choose the right vendor, you won't pay a cent in non-recurring engineering (NRE) fees for your customized equipment. As long as you plan to place an order of reasonable size, there's no added cost to you. Don't pay for custom engineering. Smart companies don't charge fees because they will have future uses for a new product. Find the right vendor.

Crossed out handcuffs

2. "To get a custom system, I have to lock myself into a purchasing commitment"

Again, it all comes down to your vendor. If you have a good one, you won't pay for anything you're not completely happy with. Be sure to get a money-back guarantee. Don't ever commit yourself to a costly mistake.

Crossed out error

3. "Customized monitoring equipment doesn't get thoroughly tested and isn't reliable"

If your equipment manufacturer isn't testing all of its equipment in a variety of ways, it's not doing its job. Be sure that your equipment is tested for reliability under a variety of network conditions, power conditions, and temperatures. Also, you should receive a sample unit before full delivery that you can use to test actual functionality under your real network conditions.

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