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Brutal Testing That Pushes the Limits of New Products

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Brutal testing that pushes the limits of new products

Temperature Chamber

DPS products undergo rigorous tests to ensure that they are ready to handle a variety of extreme conditions. An on-site testing room houses several racks of equipment. Simulation units test the ability of a new product to handle heavy network traffic. Older products from a variety of manufacturers are kept on hand to ensure that their legacy protocols are supported. The test room is also home to an extreme temperature chamber. Using this chamber, DPS engineers test the high and low temperature tolerances of new products in a controlled and repeatable manner.

Network Test

DPS also tests its products for electromagnetic interference levels in an on-site anechoic chamber to ensure compliance with standards and non-interference with neighboring equipment. Products are examined with active rod and BiConiLog antennae, while the walls of the specially designed chamber cancel echoes and keep out background interference. This accelerates the prototyping process because DPS engineers are able to get quick design feedback and make any necessary adjustments. If DPS relied on independent testing labs for this initial feedback, it would take weeks before design problems could be recognized and corrected.

Test Rack

Thanks to this extensive and demanding product testing, DPS's clients can be confident that their monitoring system will perform according to specifications.

Anechoic chamber

First articles-Where the rubber hits the road

Obviously, no company would ship a full order of a custom-engineered product without giving the client a chance to try it out. During the first-article process, DPS engineers work closely with the client's technical team to make any final tweaks that might be required.

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