Better Circuit Boards Through Automation

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Better circuit boards through automation

circuit boards
The DPS surface mount machine attaches components with extreme precision

Circuit board designs go straight from the engineer's computer to automated manufacturing machinery. DPS makes extensive use of machine insertion and placement equipment- it's fast, eliminates extra steps, and keeps the boards clean. The board is coated with a solder paste and small components are surface-mounted onto it. DPS's surface mount machine picks up components with a vacuum head and places them on the board with an accuracy of a thousandth of an inch - one-twentieth the thickness of your thumbnail.

circuit board production
In-house circuit board production at DPS is highly efficient

Small staff, big results

Automating the board manufacture process allows a small crew to create a large production, said Rinehart. "If I were to build a NetGuardian totally by hand, it would take hours and hours. Two to three people operating our machines can run 75 to 100 boards. I don't have a large crew, but with machines, they can produce a lot." Rinehart said she further maximizes the value of her staff by cross-training each staff member on multiple tasks. If one worker takes a sick day, another steps into his or her place and manufacturing continues uninterrupted.

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