An Agile Production Department

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An agile production department that brings new ideas to life

Every single DPS product is built and tested on the premises. At a time when most vendors are outsourcing their manufacturing operations, DPS continues to build its products in-house in its own production facilities. This strategy of concentrating control of manufacturing within DPS is an essential part of DPS's client-first service philosophy.

Outsourced manufacturing is cheap for the vendor, but it's punishment on the client. With outsourcing, shipment times stretch out as the primary manufacturer waits on his suppliers. And the quality of the components is entirely in the hands of the subsidiary manufacturers.

Because DPS controls every phase of the manufacturing process, production bottlenecks and quality problems are eliminated at the source. The entire DPS production process is driven by Engineering. The final product design files are sent directly to the production machines, greatly reducing the potential for manufacturing error. Cutting layouts, bend profiles, insertion details, and even silkscreen stencils are sent directly to the machines that need them. This heightens efficiency and brings direct benefits to the client - fast shipping times and guaranteed quality.

DPS simply couldn't create perfect fits for its clients without producing its products in-house. Sending manufacturing overseas allows companies to produce thousands of units for the lowest possible price, but it doesn't support a high-mix product line. Manufacturing overseas reduces flexibility, slows turnaround times, and isn't suited to rapid prototyping. It greatly reduces the consistency of source parts, and the feedback loop between Engineering, Manufacturing, and clients breaks down.

"Vertical integration makes DPS's custom design services possible," says Annette Rinehart, manager of DPS Telecom's Production Department. "Some of our clients require special design modifications, and you can only do that if you do the manufacturing yourself. How could you get that done by anybody else? Our clients have interfaces and design requirements that are unique to them, and you can only meet those hands-on."

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