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Client Quotes

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Client Quotes

By maintaining complete control over its operations, DPS Telecom is able to meet the unique monitoring needs of its very satisfied clients.

"Considering the very strict AT&T OS systems compatibility Requirements we placed on you, and the short project timelines we both faced on this project, we are very pleased with the remarkable end results. DPS Telecom has done a fantastic job, and your entire team has far exceeded our very high expectations."
-Walter E. Dziama

John Mullen and Daniel Jackson
"We wanted to replace all the masters with one master. We also wanted to add native IP remotes and migrate as many sites as possible to IP network monitoring."

"DPS was the only one that said it could do it all, either through hardware or software. Everyone else had an exception."
-John Mullen and Daniel Jackson

"It was very important for us to find a vendor who was willing to customize the alarm system to meet our needs. Like many carriers, we have a mix of equipment - everything from microwave radio systems to high capacity dense wave division multiplexing systems. We needed an alarm system that could pull in TBOS alarms, discrete alarms, SNMP ... DPS has products that meet our needs."
-Paul Mankins
Norlight Telecommunications

Bill Young

"We had no doubt that whatever DPS told us that they could do, they'd do it, and they have. They're very reliable and we knew that the product was going to be reliable."
-Bill Young
Consolidated Communications

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