RTUs With Native T1 Support

Do you have some sites that are completely unmonitored because you don't have LAN? Having visibility over your remote sites is necessary to protect you from unanticipated failures.

Still, getting LAN to a remote site can be costly and sometimes even geographically impossible. Expensive LAN transport cards don't provide any monitoring at all, and they can even cost many times more than an RTU.

What's really effective is to deploy a remote telemetry unit (RTU) that can supply LAN to your devices using your site's T1 or E1 connection. That's typically less expensive than a LAN card from your transport manufacturer, and the RTU will simultaneously perform monitoring and control functions and include a network switch.

If you understand and like the concept of T1-based RTUs for your network, you might want to jump directly to some actual equipment:

NetGuardian 240T RTU back panel showing T1 port
This RTU includes native T1 compatibility.

T1 RTUs (Remote Terminal Units with a built-in T1 Interface) change the game of monitoring your outside-plant (OSP) sites. Unlike traditional LAN RTUs, WAN RTUs can be deployed directly at sites that don't have LAN. Once you do that, you'll instantly have monitoring at your remote sites.

"Remote monitoring" of course includes the simple things like monitoring contact closures for basic event monitoring. But choosing the right T1 RTU means you can also deliver LAN to external equipment with the RTU's on-board network switch.

In this dual-pronged way, T1 RTUs extend your monitoring. You get WAN-based alarm monitoring of traditional contact closures. Latching relays tell your T1 RTU that an alarm has occurred, and that's transmitted back to your master station via T1. You also get site monitoring: LAN access to your equipments' proprietary interfaces (software or web browser).

Here's a diagrammed example of a real T1 RTU application:

Nulinx Radio Web Rangers

T1 transport usually carries Frame Relay or PPP protocol. Here are some helpful guides for Frame Relay:

T1/E1 Accessories (E1 is very similar to T1 and commonly used outside of the United States)

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