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Monitoring Alarms Over T1: Extend Your Visibility with Robust Outside Plant Monitoring

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T1 Monitoring

Monitoring sites outside of your existing LAN used to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, new technology allows you to effectively monitor sites even when T1 is the only available connection.

Discover the keys to monitoring your outside plant sites, efficiently provide Ethernet to your other gear, and maximize your ROI. Learn how Consolidated Communications found a solution to their problem. After reading this White Paper, you will learn the advantages of deploying the NetGuardian 216T. You too can increase visibility of your remote sites that have only a T1 connection.

A recent development in T1 site monitoring has made choosing between bad alternatives a thing of the past. These new additions to the monitoring landscape are T1-capable RTUs, and the good ones can do everything you need (and more) in a single, cost-effective device.

Now you can see what's going on at your orphaned remote sites. By installing them at all of your T1 sites, even those that are small, you're making an important investment in mission-critical network visibility. Not only will you gain alarming, but you'll have access to your site equipment via Ethernet.

When a problem occurs, you won't waste time and resources locating the source. Instead of rolling a tech for hours without really understanding the problem, you'll identify it immediately from your central office, enabling swift and purposeful action to minimize any impact to your revenue-generating uptime. In many cases, problems can be fixed before they grow into outages. A compact and versatile T1-capable remote can often pay for itself by preventing just one incident.

netguardian 216t diagram
A T1-capable RTU, such as the NetGuardian 216T, provides you with a "no-brainer" alternative to traditionally bad outside plant monitoring options.

The Handy T1 Analysis Box From DPS

DPS Telecom specializes in building custom equipment for specialized applications. When we need a new tool, we can design and build it in a very short timeframe.

The "T1 Analyze" box is an excellent example. This handy device can be inserted into a T1 segment. A PC may then be connected to the "Debug" port on the front panel. T1 traffic will now be viewable on the PC, allowing you or your technicians to quickly assess and solve T1 problems.

Front Panel Back Panel
T1 Analyze Front T1 Analyze Back
T1 Analyze Box

Let DPS Help You Survey Your Network - A Free Consultation at No Obligation to You

Rick Dodd
Rick Dodd
Director Of Sales
DPS Telecom

Determining your alarm monitoring needs can be tough. If you've got a busy job with a lot of responsibilities, you don't have a lot time to evaluate alarm systems and survey your remote sites.

So why not get help from experts you can trust? DPS Telecom will help you survey your remote sites step-by step, making sure you don't miss any opportunities to make your network monitoring simpler, more effective and easier on your budget.

A DPS expert consultant can help your figure out what alarm system will most effectively meet your needs without overloading your budget. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment while minimizing your expenditure without pressuring you to buy a particular system.

There's no hard-sell sales tactics. No harassing sales calls. No pressure to buy. We won't discuss specific equipment options until we've helped you plan the right monitoring strategy for your network.

Your Big Opportunity to Extend Your WAN

The value of core monitoring functionality speaks for itself, but you stand to gain even more at your T1 sites. Consider that, these days, you're getting more and more LAN-based equipment in those remote orphaned sites. If you had Ethernet connectivity, your gear would give you all kinds of useful information.

But since you don't have LAN available, you can't get access to any of that information unless you physically travel to the site. For the value you're currently getting from it, your equipment might as well not even support Ethernet. From provisioning to operation to maintenance, not having LAN connectivity at your sites means plenty of unnecessary truck rolls and wasted time and expense.

Here's your big opportunity: An ideal monitoring solution won't merely use the available T1 connection for transmitting alarm data. You will also be able to provide Ethernet to several devices on site. Now you have access to the data your gear was designed to transmit over LAN, including data sent as SNMP traps.

The NetGuardian 216T: SNMP RTU with T1 Transport

NetGuardian 216T
  • T1 transport for outside plant monitoring.
  • LAN access for 7 network elements.
  • Integrated terminal server for remote access to serial equipment.
  • Convenient web interface.
  • 16 discrete alarms.
  • 32 ping alarms.
  • 7 analog alarms:4 general, 1 temperature, and 2 battery.
  • Expandable via NetGuardian Expansion units.

Factory Training Classroom

Learn About Remote Site Monitoring From the SNMP Experts: Attend DPS Telecom Factory Training

Learn network alarm monitoring in-depth in a totally practical hands-on class. The DPS Telecom Factory Training Event will show you how to make your alarm monitoring easier and more effective. You'll learn SNMP alarm monitoring, ASCII alarm processing, derived alarms and controls, and how to configure automatic email and pager notifications. DPS training is the easiest way to learn alarm monitoring, taught by technicians who have installed hundreds of successful alarm monitoring deployments

"DPS Factory Training is a big help in not feeling intimidated by your network monitoring system. It's excellent - presented in the right way and tailored to the needs of the class."
- Bill Speck, 3 Rivers Telephone

"[DPS Factory Training] really was the best training class I've been to in my telecom career."
- Mary Steffen, National Grid

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