NetGuardian RTUs with T1 Support

Do you have some sites that are completely unmonitored because you don't have LAN? Having visibility over your remote sites is necessary to protect you from unanticipated failures. Still, getting LAN to a remote site can be costly and sometimes even geographically impossible. Expensive LAN transport cards don't provide any monitoring at all, and they can even cost many times more than an RTU. What's really effective is to deploy a remote telemetry unit that can supply LAN to your devices using your site's T1 or E1 connection.

NetGuardian 216T Application
The NetGuardian 216T G2 has 16 discrete sensors, 2 controls, 6 analogs, and communicates with up to 7 devices via LAN over T1.

Bring LAN to your T1 Sites for Complete Visibility

The new NetGuardian 216T G2 remote is designed for your company's sites with T1 or E1 Connectivity, to provide a higher level of visibility over critical operations. Similar to the NetGuardian 240T in function, the 216T G2 gives you a smaller-capacity option for getting visibility to sites that lack Ethernet accessibility. This medium-capacity option is perfect for sites where a large-capacity RTU is unnecessary, but you still need many of the advanced functions that come with larger RTUs, such as a built-in terminal server and support for ping targets.

This remote is a T1 and Ethernet-based remote with a wide temperature range and support for SNMP & DCPx reporting protocols, as well as standard link protocols Frame Relay/T1 & PPP/T1. And because the NetGuardian 216T has an integrated 7-port switch, you can bring LAN to 7 other external devices at the site without Ethernet and without purchasing a separate T1 router.

The NetGuardian 216T is 1 rack unit and supports 16 "software reversible" discrete alarms to connect both N/O and N/C alarm wiring. The NetGuardian 216T comes equipped 6 analog inputs, D-Wire, and a 1-port terminal server so you can remotely access a serial device using Telnet.

The NetGuardian 216T also allows you to remotely control external devices via its 2 internal relays. These controls are a convenient and time efficient way of remotely switching equipment in the field. You will be able to remotely access up to 2 external pieces of equipment and perform actions such as turning ON/OFF lights, turning ON/OFF backup generators, OPEN/CLOSE gates, etc.

NetGuardian 216T Front Panel
The NetGuardian 216T G2 front panel with an LED status lights, craft port, and LCD monitor.

Some additional benefits of the NetGuardian 216T G2:

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