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T1 Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU): Site Access, Vendor Questions and Important Capabilities

T1 Transport for Remote Site Access

A T1 RTU is a Remote Telemetry Unit that can communicate over a T1 connection instead of being completely reliant on Ethernet availability. This capability has the potential to radically improve your visibility of remote sites that are currently outside the reach of your LAN and expand your Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control system.

A T1 RTU provides critical insight in WAN network segments
A T1 RTU protects your uptime
by alerting you to problems
before they become major outages.

Historically, you were forced to use dedicated point-to-point units to provide LAN to your remote sites. With a finite amount of rack space and a limited budget, it just isn't feasible to create visibility at small sites outside of your LAN with traditional equipment. With a T1 RTU, however, you get this capability (along with monitoring and routing) in a single box. This saves rack space and eliminates the headache of dealing with multiple vendors and multiple support teams.

You do need to be careful, though, before making a purchase decision. To avoid a very costly mistake, use the following list:

Important Questions to Ask T1 RTU Vendors:

  • Does your product support my T1 WAN protocol (for example, Frame Relay)?
  • Will your T1 RTU withstand the extreme temperatures inside of my enclosures?
  • Can I also use the RTU to bring LAN to other site devices? If so, how many?
  • Can I gain remote access to serial equipment?
  • Can I send SNMP traps to my SNMP manager over the T1 connection?
  • When my network grows to reach my monitored sites, will my T1 RTU have native support for Ethernet as well?
  • Can I specify how much bandwidth I want to allocate to my WAN?

Important T1 RTU Capabilities

  • Robust Discrete Inputs: not just TTL level tolerant
  • Wide-range Analog Inputs: not just 4-20mAmp / 0-10Vdc
  • Auto-ranging Analog Inputs: don't sacrifice measuring resolution for wide-range capability
  • Auto-polarity Analog Inputs: simplify installation and reduce wiring challenges
  • Relay Dry Contact Outputs: not just open collector circuits
  • Integrated Work-Group Switches: why purchase a separate unit and use another rack space
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